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  1. I'm not sure yet I need the higher file storage limit and online user limit that comes with the Plus 40 package, and if it turns out I don't then I would basically be paying 3x as much per month compared to the Basic package, just for IP.Nexus, when I could instead get it for a relatively low one-time payment. Or is there something else I'm missing?
  2. If I start off with a Basic package (which I understand to not include IP.Nexus), and get a separate license for IP.Nexus, am I able to host this together with the Basic package as long as it stays within the file storage limits?
  3. 30$ skins in marketplace

    I agree. Anyone who spends $15000 on a skin, if it isn't to prevent a hydrogen bomb from going off right next to them, is probably misconfigured.
  4. Questions

    How is this activity calculated? Is this based on the amount of recent activity, or is it simply determined by the number of members/etc.? The latter would be preferred in my case since my community was only very recently restored after undergoing a deletion that resulted in a long period of inactivity. I appreciate the answers.
  5. How do member infractions/warnings work?

    I think the fact that there's no necessary auto-ban or suspension is more sensible. You have much more freedom in deciding what to do with this information. You can suspend a user, ban them, or simply restrict them from committing certain acts that led to the majority of the warnings (e.g. restrict PM access if they committed PM advertising). It is much more intuitive for a user-to-user or case-to-case basis. Furthermore, moderators do not always moderate fairly, so the fact that there is no necessary automatic action taken when a warning threshold is reached increases the chances that a user is not unfairly banned/suspended/etc.
  6. Popular Post Star

    Good point. I've also noticed quite a few bugs with IPB 3.2 both on the user-end and Admin CP. Although most of the ones I found were minor, it's always a good idea to report them. When I have a chance I'll get around to listing some. Overall though, IPB 3.2 is awesome. Just some tweaks and a few new features and we have ourselves the god of BBS.
  7. Moderation, where IPB is lacking..

    Need the post edit history, definitely. This is a very useful moderation feature. vB's got it nailed (full post edit history including post comparison, etc.), EXCEPT for the fact that the post edit history is not available or updated when an "edited by" notice is not displayed or updated. Please implement a full-fledged post edit history feature asap.
  8. Questions

    Okay. Sorry for being a complete n00b at this stuff, but is it possible to use phpMyAdmin with an IPS-hosted board? If so, great. I checked again later and the bulk mail finally finished ... but it took 49 minutes for only 1 member. (It only sent it to one member because, as I found out, it wasn't sent to the admin account since their profile setting to receive bulk mail wasn't on - my bad). I'm planning on migrating a community with thousands of members to an IPS-hosted board and bulk mailing them. I hope it won't take 49 minutes per member in this case.... Understandable about the PM logs. And about the "Email Error Logs" (I assume that's what you're referring to), I would like to test out whether emails sent to users via an Email option are recorded, but I can no longer find that option in the Admin CP or on the board. I'm not talking about a Bulk Mail or contacting a user directly using the email address displayed in their profile, but rather a built-in Email contact option found in user profiles, that was present in earlier versions of IPB, including IPB 1.3.
  9. Questions

    I've had a look at a demo IP.Board. I currently have 3 questions: 1) Say I make an SQL backup via the Admin CP. Is there some tool in the Admin CP that can use this file to restore data to the forum should the need arise? Otherwise, how would I restore data? 2) I am testing the Bulk Mail feature, but it doesn't seem to be sending anything out. It stays on "Sending mail in progress" and minutes later it's still there, with no users having received the mail. I am only sending it to two users (an admin and a test user), whose corresponding groups were selected to receive the message. Is the mail not being sent out due to the fact that it's a test board? If not, why might it not be working here? 3) I recall previous versions of IPB having Email logs and possibly PM logs. For example, the IPB 1.3 Final version I used at InvisionFree had an Email log displaying all emails sent between users. In some cases these logs can be useful as a reference. Were these logs removed or is there still some way to access them?
  10. What do you think of 3.2?

    Are you kidding? vB's default skin is better? Personally I think IPB 3.2 has one of the better default skins I've seen. It demonstrates IPB's advancement in the direction of Web 2.0, unclutters many areas (e.g. combined search menu), and exudes an air of modern professionalism. To me, it's certainly more fun to look at and play around with than other default skins I've seen, including vB's, phpBB's, and IPB's previous default skins. Most of the complaints here are regarding negligible features and can be resolved with some (incredibly) simple modifications. For those modifications that are harder to implement, if there are enough users complaining then it's possible that the IPS designers will fix it in a future version. However, I haven't found anything significant missing. If something was removed, I think it was probably for the better.
  11. IPS Hosting Questions

    Thanks for your responses Jay. Here are also responses by Collin S. via email, for anyone who has one or more of the same questions:
  12. IPS Hosting Questions

    Also, is there any default Admin CP feature or other board feature that is disabled or not present in IPS-hosted boards? Disregard Question 3 above. I checked the FAQs and it says I can downgrade or upgrade at any time without any additional fee.
  13. Thanks for your continued help! And I'm really glad that you created a script that converts directly from IF to IPB 3.2 rather than requiring an IPB 1.3 install first (which vB and phpBB converters would normally require).

    1. AndyF


      You're welcome. Support can do it anyway the script is for those who want to do it themselves, it only creates the structure then you import the data and a couple of tweaks (explained in the readme) and you're ready to run the upgrader. I started out on IF too years ago too.