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  1. Calendar idea

    you will need BOTH mods. all the info from the template and RSVP is held within the calendar event page, the devfuse mod will post a link the the event page in your selected forum stage 2 of the mods will be a seperate RSVP mod which will be starting soon :)
  2. Download: ProMenu Basic

    yeah kind of a major flaw in the proceedings... on the plus side, you menu is now working on our live site along with the fusion header menu (until you bring out your version) FYI works with fusion as long as you disable the 2 x fusion primary nav menu hooks (but not the main fusion menu hook)
  3. Download: ProMenu Basic

    sorted, I ran it before from toolbox but it couldn't find the table, ran it from phpmyadmin this time and it worked fine :)
  4. Download: ProMenu Basic

    now I've finished messing about with this on our dev site, I just tried to install it on our live board Fatal error: Call to a member function prim_nav_app() on a non-object in /*snipped*/globalProMenuPrimNavApp_7666f7cfc63155304d7f4ea0767c7e66.php on line 102
  5. Download: ProMenu Basic

    we are running fusion and promenu together without issues, you just have to make sure you use fusion for header and disable its primary hooks, then use promenu for the primary nav
  6. Download: ProMenu Basic

    isnt primary nav eraser one of the fusion menu hooks?
  7. Topic Template System

    The system I am talking about IS for IP Calendar there are a few differences to the topic system in so much as you select calendars not forums and you are hooking in to the calendar event display. It is also tailored to work with other existing hooks such as: devfuse - calendar topics dawpi - map in events view as well as the mods I put in the community articles ;) Freebone - I will sort you out an acc on our server and PM you the details regards Richard
  8. Topic Template System

    no doubt Esther will reply to this as well. We are working with Esther to develop a calendar events version of this application, specifically for events. In combination with other hooks for posting a support topic and including a map on the event page, exactly as you have shown in your link. Once the cal template system is released, Im hoping to then work with Esther to develop a more detailed RSVP setup. If push comes to shove, I can set you up a account on our dev site so you can have a play with it, but it would obviously be preferable for Esther to have a test board. regards Richard PS: I would also need Esther's permission to give you access to our dev site as it is obviously a private setup at this time
  9. Download: (Pav32) Someone Mentions You

    we really like this hook and have been using on our DEV site without issues for some time now. However, we have found a couple of things on our live site: #mention does not work if the reply contains a quote #mention does not work 100% of the time, we suspect that this is due to our server's response being slow when the topic is submitted, causing the member look up to not complete (this is only a guess) is there a way to force the topic to wait until the server responds with a valid name, before the topic is posted? - it's just an idea, ideally we need a faster server response but I can imagine on boards with several thousand members to look up, that this may become an issue for them also. Its not a deal breaker if the above cannot be addressed, its just some observations for you to consider regards Richard
  10. Download: ProMenu Basic

    no woriies Robert, theres no immediate hurry
  11. Download: ProMenu Basic

    I'll PM you some login details, Id like to make sure everythings ok before we put it on our live site :)
  12. Download: ProMenu Basic

    no tabs are showing as active for me on our DEV site. Not aware of doing anything wrong, updated to your latest files and the settings look ok (to me)
  13. Synch Me!

    also, I changed the location of the button, still easy to access but less tempting for users to click it all the time :wink:
  14. Synch Me!

    works well thank you. Are there any ACP settings for this hook?
  15. Download: ProMenu Basic

    ahh, I just realised lol - I didnt mean for you to add that line, it was a check to see if you had the latest css there which you didnt, yeah as said, revert and crack on :)