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  1. I think it could be even easier than writing an app for it. A simple hook to add the appropriate link (as posted above) into the bar so it sits alongside the others as it did previously.

    As said a good thing for an MP submission. I guess said link could also be 'fed' to search bots if required too.


    If you've got Pages you can just add a menu item to the main nav bar from the ACP. If not you could use this plugin from @Adriano Faria



    i guess it will do it :)

  2. Hello Sijad, 

    I created a demo account on your forum; however the emoji icons are quite big. Would it be possible?


    Hi, yes it's possible to resize emoji and it's very easy, you can change emoji size in ACP settings as well as load smaller image size, in my demos site real emoji size is 64x64 but with ACP setting I've changed them to show as 32x32, because it'll look sharper in retina displays, also you can change settings to load emoji as SVG too

  3. This is not working for me. On installing and/or changing and saving settings, I get a black white page. No Emojii are installed. I'm on

    Edit: looks like the length of the url at the end of plugin install is 995 characters. That's definitely the issue lol.

    Hi, can you send me latest logs in PM?

    so i can take a closer look, thanks

  4. Smooth upgrade, that's 3 in a row now.....we're on a roll here! (touches wood)

    Please please please add clear cache as a final step in the upgrade process tho so we don't have to play wheres the support link ​


    The cache is supposed to be rebuilding now on upgrade in 4.0.7. I will make sure that happens in the next release.


  5. no, for me doesn't work

    What're the instructions to install?

    Only add the xml file in plugin section or need something elsa?



    Please let me know what problem you facing right now? if you can't uninstall the plugin please send me PM, I'll help you to remove it

    Everything works fine once installed properly, except when entering the chat room it gives an error every time. Below is an picture of the error. @Maudit this product is quite good but it can be tricky to coordinate with the developer for trouble shooting (as I have come to learn) and I am not sure if that is due to time zone differences or if he is swamped with support requests. Try to be patient and I am sure he will help you as soon as he can.



    ​thanks for your patient, I'll do my best

    Uninstall & Reinstall this plugin fix problem with EX0 Something went wrong. Please try again.

    ​Thanks for confirmation, I've found some bugs on chat BTW, I'm working on them now

  6. @sijad Are you aware of the bug when adding Emoji in 4.0.3 in the ACP? It just seems to go to a white screen then that's it.

    ​Hi, yes, new version is available but I'm waiting for other customers to confirm they problem fixed.

    in new version inline css removed also some other improvement took place

    please let me know if you need prelease

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