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  1. Maybe use prefixes to get rid of some of the subforums?
  2. As I wrote in the other topic about this I think it would be better to use a dot to show that it have unread content and remove the bold. Actually it might be a good idea to use the same in front of all forums, not just sub forums. A dot or another simple symbol to show that it has unread content just as in topics.
  3. I also get the popup sometimes by mistake, it is a bit annoying. Maybe a simple solution would be to change the position of the username, now it is like this: Started by R1Lover, 05 Jun 2011 This may get it a bit more out of the way. Started 05 Jun 2011 by R1Lover Or maybe right-align it.
  4. 3.2 sub-forums on forum home

    Maybe a dot like in front of topics to inform about unread topics in subforum, instead of bold.
  5. I believe that is different, I agree that they have faded Top and other text a little bit to much, but fading avatars, not to much, would be an even smaller problem. I think fading in general is a good idea.
  6. Various icons removed

    And I think it is good that they try to remove things that is not needed. I fear all those afraid of change is going to convince them to choose something in the middle that maybe will suit neither.
  7. Conversion Scripts

    Just wondering if anything has happened with this?