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    Derzhis reacted to Kellendil in Ctrl+Enter should submit post   
    I would like to revive this, as both Gmail and Outlook use ctrl+enter to send, and it seems like it's starting to become sort of a standard akin to shift+enter for new line.

    That, plus the fact that CTRL+S is mostly used for saving content, leads me to this being a good idea.
    (For instance, ctrl+s in chrome saves the page, and does not submit the post.)

    Would be nice if IPB could be part of this standardization.
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    Derzhis reacted to Mr 13 in "Paste as plain text by default" - when we will be able to turn on this option for all existing and future users in ACP?   
    "Paste as plain text by default" - when we will be able to turn on this option for all existing and future users in ACP?
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    Derzhis reacted to najaru_1 in IPB4, please use old language pack   
    A request from all non-English community.

    To avoid redoing the entire translation, please continue to use the old language pack (used in ipb3.4).

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    Derzhis reacted to Weppa333 in Breadcrumb Accuracy and URL Consistency Needed ASAP   
    how many times do we have to have this discussion

    People like newrabbit, and me, and google, and most of the civilized world, would like IPB, as an option for us dinosaurs from the 90s, to PLEASE have (the option to activate) an url structure like

    or with IPC
    and with gallerye
    and of course whateve's on root as
    blah.com (and not blah.com/forum or blah.com/index )

    And have BREADCRUMBs consistent with that, namely

    > whatever-is-the-root > forum > forumname > threadname > pageX
    > whateverroot > ipc-name > cat > blah
    and just
    > whateverroot
    as the sole breadcrumb when accessing blah.com

    In fact, for god's sake, everyone exactly knows what they would like, it's just IPB refusing to do it.
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    Derzhis reacted to esquire in Breadcrumb Accuracy and URL Consistency Needed ASAP   
    My point is that whatever you choose - and I'm not debating what might be "better" for anyone's setup - it must be consistent across the entire suite. I completely understand what you're saying about existing clients and appreciate the difficulty - I really do. But if they are using a suboptimal URL system as a result of inconsistency, I'm not sure that it completely makes sense to continue to cater to it since you've headed in that direction for such a long time. Nor does it make sense for newcomers to choose a suboptimal system either. And I showed you in the other thread how the URL shortening creates problems because it only works for one system or another - and in IPS you have two polar opposite approaches in IPC and IPB.

    There are many who rave about VBSEO. In retrospect I didn't fully appreciate why it was good, being turned away completely by the overhyped marketing. But a good amount of it made good sense. It would seem logical that if there are obvious inconsistencies and latent issues (such as the breadcrumbs), you're not going to have the very best performance you can expect from the software. This part should be easy and automatic. Now I understand that going forward presents difficult decisions. I'm just requesting guidance on how to go forward now that we have identified that there is a question. Right now I'm using Marcher's amazing breadcrumb app just to deal with the breadcrumb issue. But the URL issue is a big one -- I got something to work on one of my sites, must fix the IPC inconsistency to match with IPB, but need to know what you're thinking regarding IPB 4. Supposedly the "forum" keyword was reserved and you couldn't do what I did.

    I respect your opinions but I do not agree at all. People may not remember full URLs but they do appreciate a sense of order and structure with base URLs. In fact, browsers will very frequently type in the root where they want to go


    And if you don't believe me, I've got analytics on numerous sites telling me that they do. When you start typing in many browsers, you'll see autofill that will also provide a drop down to go to frequently used directories. What I find maddening is that there is no base url for each app. Different apps here send me all over the place. And if you don't install in the root, you get forum/members and forum/calendar and that just looks wrong even though it works.

    IPS belies everything you're telling me about the forum URL not being important. When I create an article, I MUST have a slug. Every IPC article must begin mysite. com/slug/ which I've frequently changed to mysite.com/articles/ . Every article is in the articles section. You can't do mysite.com/article-name-here/ nor can you do mysite.com/carstuff/article-name/ because the slug for the database MUST be in the URL. It's not so bad if you're using IPC for articles because you'd probably organize your site in some fashion anyway.

    Now when you go to IPB, you've got mysite.com/forum/ -- great. And then it switches to mysite.com/topic/ - which I found confusing at first. I don't know of any system that suddenly switches what appeared to be the base url of the primary container you were in. Technically it works and there is no issue. From a front facing user standpoint, I don't believe it makes a great impression and I cannot speak with 100% assurance about its effect, positive of negative, on SEO.

    Look at Wordpress. Every single blog uses the blog directory. There are millions of websites that use this convention. Even the postname URL still keeps you within that blog so that mysite.com/carblog/ or mysite.com/wpstore/ will retain that base url for all urls. Now while I agree that "it works" - it certainly doesn't provide to me a very satisfying result to see one part of the website not change the

    Maybe I'm wrong - which I may be. But I'd like to see numerous examples of sites that have a similar inconsistent structure of their URLs between areas like IPS does at present. I feel strongly about this and I do appreciate the quick response you've made, whether you agree or disagree. Sincerely, thank you for having a discussion with me on this issue.
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    Derzhis reacted to AndyF in Suggestion: User Agent Management Import   
    Just a thought of adding the option of being able to mass import (and export) several user agents via an XML file (with appropriate import / export options on the page) :)
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    Derzhis reacted to Aiwa in Moderators: suggestion for 4.0   
    A suggestion on how to improve Admin control of Moderators.

    Moderation Controls per app.
    As it is currently, there are really only forum moderators and super moderators. Super moderators fill the gap for the lack of any moderator controls for 'members' and 'calendar' but you don't always want to have to give a regular moderator super moderator access just so they can edit member profiles in the modCP.

    Similar to how ACP restrictions work, I'd like to see that same setup for Moderators. A dedicated area in the ACP, Members > Moderators with tabs for each app installed (I say put it in Members because that's part of the 'core' suite). More granular controls of moderation abilities in each app. It would be nice to be able to give someone full access to the calendar, (approve / delete events), but i don't want them to have forum moderation access, or I want them to have very limited forum moderator access. Also a 'full access' check box for each app. If all of the 'full access' check boxes are checked for all apps = the current Super Moderator role.

    Also, the ability to hook into it for 3rd party apps so we developers can also put our moderation controls in that same area, or an extension.

    As the suite moves away from requiring the 'forums' app, it's going to become imperative that moderation controls be looked into. If nothing changes, I would install the core suite and IP.Content and have no moderation controls for member profiles outside of the ACP or Super Moderators.

    The goal I think that needs to be achieved, whether that is done as above or not... The gap between 'moderators' with everything checked and Super Moderators needs closed. If I give someone moderator access to ALL of the forums and check all the boxes, they still can't see members e-mails and they can't edit the member via the modCP (even though they can see the tab). Also, in the case of 'calendar', if you don't have super moderator access, you can't moderate the calendar at all. The only thing you can them do is 'bypass moderation' when posting, but that doesn't help if their job is to approve moderated events... They would HAVE to be super mod to be able to do that.

    Just some food for thought as you start creating the architecture of admin controls between compartmentalized applications within the core suite.

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    Derzhis reacted to GhettoChild in 3.4 Subforums organization   
    I was wondering if the latest beta of 3.4 is supporting folder Icons and a cleaner arragment of the Subforums in columns. This is required since users are mostly used to VB sites that have this feature. I realize that there's 3rd party skins and a marketplace app to address this issue. It by no means the end of the world.

    Purely out of curiousity, I wanted to see if this addressed in the 5th Beta of 3.4.
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    Derzhis reacted to Van2 in I Would Like to See Better Profiles   
    I just want to make this point, i have over 11,000 members on one of my site and when i upgraded from 3.2 to 3.3 not one of my members noticed anything different to the site, except my mods, They were not happy with the changes, I get over 250 new threads per day and a lot of members use the bump feature and we figured out that using the approve, un-approve buttons would un-bump a topic.. This was removed in 3.3. and now we have hide and un-hide and my staff do not like it, They are also not happy with the changes with the new warn panel.

    Now i am reading about the changes coming in 3.4 and again this is admin based, Which is great, i like the improvements

    But the point of this thread was to make improvements to the profiles, I find them boring and in need of some serious updates, The best part of the profiles is the add-ons i have added to try and make them more user friendly.and fun

    I just think we need to get back to making the board better for the users, because without them we don't have community's
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    Derzhis reacted to tonami in [Suggesttion] Follow a member (like Twitter)   
    I love Friends function of IPB, and I have a feeling that it's not really a "friendship", someone add you like friend and you just become friends! My first question is there anyway to require an approval when someone add friend as default function?

    I think a function like Follow a member (become a Fan, a follower...) will make IPB much more social, so members can follow any update of people they follow. Also they can see who follow them. And a member when he add someone as friend, if not accepted, he still can follow him/her to see updates.

    What do you think about this function?
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    Derzhis reacted to KevinMc in Support For IP.SEO?   
    I'll start simple.

    What's with the lack of support with the IP.SEO forum? Don't you guys think it's important to the members, along with everyone else out there that's watching it, to support an application you develop? From the outside looking in, or from someone on the fence about making a product change, I'd feel this is crucial.
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    Derzhis reacted to Songstuff in Group Enhancements Requests   
    I would like to request the ability to create and manage group profile pages and some enhance group abilities

    group profile pages would have:

    An optional group gallery, group blog, group calendar and group forum etc

    Options to have various hooks within the group page sidebar

    groups selectable for PM purposesgroup

    rss feed

    Admin should be able to appoint a group moderator
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    Derzhis reacted to Dave58 in Suggestion - Profile Permissions   
    At the simplest level, it would be a nice feature if community members could have the ability (if admins allowed) to have their profiles viewable by guests or not. It started with a few members complaining that the world could see their profile pictures or other stuff that they'd put on, then a few more chipped in to say that they'd customize theirs a bit more if only members had access. As a result of that we ended up turning off profile view for guests - where other members didn't mind, or actually wanted their profiles visible to everyone.

    I suppose that making it a bit more complex like 'only allow friends' or choosing which bits to show would be a bigger ask, but stuff like that might be a bit more 'community orientated'.
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    Derzhis reacted to CallieJo in Suggestion - Profile Permissions   
    Why should members be limited in what to share because IPB does not have privacy options? Give them the freedom to share personal information if they choose to do so, but with the freedom to block everyone but their friends from seeing it.

    We should all take privacy seriously, but not so serious that we tell people not to share private info and don't offer them any privacy options to use! The all or nothing attitude is just another reason to use places like Facebook and VB forums instead. At least they offer some privacy options for members to make their own choices instead of being forced to deal with whatever the admin decides for them.

    Here is a screenshot of some of VB's privacy options:

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    Derzhis reacted to CallieJo in Suggestion - Profile Permissions   
    I would like to revisit this suggestion for some more feedback as it's important for our current project before we go live. Some of our partners have addressed some concerns about lacking profile privacy permissions. It's actually one reason we resorted to VB for another project we have. Most reasons had to do with profiles, sadly.

    Does anyone have any idea on how to hack some friend only privacy permissions into the profiles? It would be greatly appreciated. If there is a mod (reasonably priced or free), please point me in that direction. Thank you.
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    Derzhis reacted to cmiller in Search - give us control!   
    The search is my #1 complaint with IPB. When I click "VNC" or jump up top to search for something, I am NEVER looking to search ANYTHING, except the forums. SO... it makes no sense to have the search acting in a dynamic fashion.

    I love that when we search, we see the additional options. Oh cool, let's see what new members we have, or new blog posts. Thats all good......

    BUT... the search box, and VNC - these are CORE features. If we show them members just because they were just viewing a member profile, or we default the search to blogs because that's where they were when they clicked VNC.... we're limiting what they see! This goes against human behavior. When I click "view new content" I expect to see ALL NEW CONTENT! I don't pay attention to the fact that the software has decided to LIMIT my new content to "members only" or "blog posts" etc.

    Can we not work on this a little bit? VNC and search both should be more user friendly. They should not DEFAULT to ANYTHING but instead show ALL relevant results with an explanation of where the content comes from.

    Vbulletin handles this really well. All content is displayed in-line with different icons for each type of content.

    Could IPB not do something similar?
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    Derzhis reacted to PSNation in No simple "copy ... paste" in new version   
    Copying and pasting into this new editor is just about as accurate as Barrack Obama's economic strategy. It is inaccurate in every medium
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    Derzhis reacted to broni in 3.2 new header looks like one big mess   
    It looks like someone threw all items at random.

    We have 4 bars now (indicated above 1-4)
    Each bar has a different color.
    Why two searches? On a top of it they look totally different. Why the 1st search has a search button with "search logo" and the other has a search button with word "Search"?
    What was the reason to create bar #4 just for 3 links?
    #4 is a bar, not a part of categories, so why it's not same width as a header instead of being lined up with categories? Why it doesn't have a header like color instead of categories color?
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    Derzhis reacted to cmiller in Sidebars... COME ON!   
    You must run some hobby site, or do this stuff for fun. :)

    90% of new visitors come in from search engines and land on a specific topic. Where do they go from there? To another site.... never to be seen again. Check your bounce rate before posting nonsense out here!!!

    Too many of you guys view your forums as "just a forum". I tend to view all of ours as CONTENT DRIVEN BEASTS and I like to make money with them.

    Have you ever seen a good website WITHOUT a side nav bar? I doubt it..... not a good one anyway. Sure, I want to use ads but I also want a navigation bar accessible to all users, many who will be visiting for the first time and absolutely kill our bounce rate because forums SUCK at navigation and content delivery.

    Vbulletin and IPS both fail in this category. Forums are the source of a LOT of quality content. Quit treating forums like they are nothing but "chat" and treat them them like they are... QUALITY CONTENT!!!!
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