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    Derzhis reacted to LukasGr. in Finally embed linked and attached audio&video files   
    +1 Need!! 
    please start / continue implementing important features the community asks for for ages.
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    Derzhis reacted to Matt in Release notes & theme difference tool   
    Hi Nick,
    Appreciate the feedback!
    So typically X.X.n releases are bug fixes. Some of the bug fixes do require template edits. Sometimes if we need to change a lot of things, this can affect a lot of files. Unfortunately there often isn't a way to avoid theme edits in a bug fixing release.
    In almost every minor release there are template edits so we don't really think to mention them.
    I will take onboard your point regarding linking to the differences tool.
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    Derzhis reacted to George Hutton in Social promotion needs more explanation   
    Is there a beginners guide on how to do this? I'm trying to connect my forum to FB but I can't even understand the first post in this thread.
    Is there a reason this is so complicated? Or the answers seem to be purposely hidden?
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    Derzhis reacted to Cyboman in Reactions should be optimized for developers   
    I know, reactions work the way they do and I could always revert back to the regular like function, but our community developers require more finetuning options for reactions. It should be possible for developers (f.e. in "automation rules") to address specific reactions. Reactions are great, but since their introduction and implementation, there are a lot of problems with coding special behaviors if a specific reaction is given or received. Reactions could have so much capabilities and potential. Even if IPS decides not to integrate more functions into them, please give our developers the opportunity and chance to code the hell out of them  Thanks.
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    Derzhis reacted to Nathan Explosion in Image Options - Title and Alt Tag, URLs, etc.   
    This is probably a confusion on what 'title' means - as it says in the dialog box, it is for accessibility which will put it in the Alt for it to be able to be read for accessible browsers.
    Others have possibly seen a 'title' before due to the use of figcaption.
    Put the following in to a text file and save it as .html and open in a browser - see which 'title' is shown straight away and which one is shown when you hover over the image.....is it "banana" or "That's Aerosmith up there"?
    <html> <head> </head> <body> <img alt="title" title="banana" src="http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/lyricwiki/images/8/85/Aerosmith2.jpg" /> <figcaption>That's Aerosmith up there.</figcaption> </body> </html> So the request could really be "can you please allow us to put captions below images?" and "can the 'title' option please show upon image hover?"

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    Derzhis reacted to jair101 in Social promotion needs more explanation   
    Thanks for confirming that, Matt, really appreciate it.
    Maybe you can change the wording in ACP or in the guide here to make this explicit. As you see, it was not only me confused by this. And while the post sharing can be used by many users, I can't see how facebook promotions can be used by someone else then the account who is page admin. I will take a wild guess that many people stop at trying the feature the moment the sign for the extra permissions is shown. I almost gave up at that point, which would have been a shame as it is one of the more creative features in 4.2.
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    Derzhis reacted to MiP1 in Allow to divide a quote anywhere I want   
    the IPS support suggested to post it here, so here it is:
    Currently, if I quote  a post and there are two or more paragraphs, I can divide this quote in the text editor only at the end of a paragraph (by placing the text cursor there and pressing the Enter button). I cannot divide it between 2 sentences or just between two words the same way.
    I would really like to have more flexibility in this regards.
    Thanks in advance!
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    Derzhis reacted to jair101 in Social promotion needs more explanation   
    I had some issues with Facebook promotion and the information here or in the ACP was not useful at all. Somehow, I think I got it to work, but it was a lot of trial and error, which is not something that I particularly like, because my community Facebook page is not a terrain for experiments. So here are few of the key characteristics I found and I hope someone can confirm it sounds correct:
    1. For the initial setup you need to have Facebook Login enabled so you can connect your forum admin account with the account that owns the page on which you are going to share (assuming this is your community fb page). I was worried that to use the promotion I need to have fb login for everyone, which I don't want at this point. It turned out this is not true. You can enable facebook login, connect your profile and then disable it. Your profile will stay connected. 
    2. Initially it seems that the app required two additional permissions - manage_pages and publish_pages. Those permissions require review from facebook, which requires you to create some screencast, overall it is a pain in the A. I still don't know what kind of screencast fb needs or how these permissions work, but somehow I managed to do it without getting these permissions and I can promote to my fb page both from my account and from other admin accounts that don't have linked fb profiles. I have no idea if at some point FB might ban me for bypassing their restrictions...
    3. When you promote items and you add pictures to them, the item is shared as an album. This can be both good or bad. Good because albums are eye catching. Bad, because the link to the content in your community is not embedded and is just raw link. I am not sure which will attract more interest, but it would be nice if this is explained beforehand. If you want your link to embed in fb, don't add any images during promotions.
    Ideally, it would be nice if IPS can create a guide about this feature. What I wrote here is purely based on experience and speculation, it would be nice if it can be confirmed. 
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    Derzhis reacted to TSP in Mobile menu should include your member name   
    There is no indication in the mobile menu on which account you're logged into. There is no profile image or member name. 
    I suggest that you add the member name to the Sign Out-button, so it'll say for example: Sign Out TSP
    Alternatively you could have a small line at the top of the mobile user menu with the avatar and user name next to it, above the sign out-button or the message/notification/report-icons.
    Thanks for considering this small change that I feel will improve the mobile user experience.
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    Derzhis reacted to Colonel_mortis in Stream should be filterable to ignore comments   
    It should be possible to make an activity stream of new topics, in order that the topic is started, rather than just a stream of topics ordered by last updated. This is how I would expect "content items only" to work, but it doesn't, and I do understand that there is a use case for the existing content items only, so this should probably be a third filter option.
    It would be even better if you could choose to display the content items only independently of how they're sorted, so it can be a topic feed, sorted by last updated like forum listings are (so you can make a stream that acts as a forum listing for multiple forums), with the ability to choose whether to preview the first post or the latest comment (in condensed view, it often makes more sense not to have the "replied to" bit for a stream like that), or it can also just be a feed of topics sorted by creation date, which can be especially useful for moderation (making sure that topics are posted in the right place).
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    Derzhis reacted to tbar in Group Membership Leaders   
    oh.. yes, I've been wanting something like this for years..
    Wait? how long .. I needed that ability several years ago. I know I asked way back then. Feedback you want ... I guess you really don't want to know what we want ?
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    Derzhis reacted to Chris Bell in It’s Impossible to live with this!   
    left side is simply quick access; ive never seen any inbox listing messages inside the left pan and nothing on the right,

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    Derzhis reacted to Chris Bell in It’s Impossible to live with this!   
    It’s Impossible to live with this!
    I don’t think I need to expand, do i?

    At the least this should optional where the full wide view is default, not the other way around!
    Top this with search not working properly and simple yielding junk result on top of this slim window,
    when the rest of the page is just empty for no reason, i can do a normal search and i cant do a visual search either!
    I’m sorry… but you’re guys seem to be too infatuated with mobile application style implementation;
    totally neglecting productivity achieved in v3, that’s completely lost now in IPS4; in so many aspects!
    Please it’s enough with this mobile view movement,
    you’re doing same thing MS did with Win10 which I personally will never use!
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    Derzhis reacted to SJ77 in I'm hearing that daily reputation limits are having issues   
    From my site. (IPB 4.2.2)
    I noticed that rather than inform me that I've reached my daily limit, the reaction actually registers(giving me the option to remove it), but then subsequently disappears upon refreshing the page.  This could lead to a good amount of frustration and confusion.
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    Derzhis reacted to Adriano Faria in CreateMenu extension: display clubs   
    I'm adding this to my apps:


    It will display only Clubs you're in and has permisison to add the item.
    IPS should do the same.
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    Derzhis reacted to ehren. in Inconsistent theme HTML   
    Thanks Mark - I'm sure a tonne of my customers will appreciate that.
    Pretty much every edit form needs styling. The below screenshot is from the Blogs, but the same happens with the Gallery and Download addons.

    There are numerous areas that contain page titles or descriptions. This example is from the Store (when viewing a category of products). The ipsType_medium class is also used in the section title for some reason, which makes the text excessively small.

    The album description when viewing albums (below the Rules box if it's not clear in the screenshot):

    If the rules are displayed on the page (instead of a popup box or link):

    The ModCP:

    There are numerous pages where the large page title sits outside the content:

    The inbox, when no message is selected.

    I think customers have also reported issues with the Terms and Conditions and privacy - although I could be wrong.
    I'm sure there are many more areas, but those were found after a quick sweep through my forum. An easy way to find these issues is to simply change the page background colour to a dark colour and you'll notice how easily these areas stick out.
    If the "text on transparent background" effect is intended, then please just add a new class to the parent of those elements (such as .ipsContent_transparent or something) which will allow developers to add backgrounds to those areas if necessary.
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    Derzhis reacted to steve00 in Inconsistent theme HTML   
    Always been that way unfortunately.
    Appears they do not have a standard set of rules they make their coders use, seems they are left to it and do as the coders want to do and not worry about if they are missing code that other coders use in their designs.
    Pointed this out to IPS way back to v2 and always been there every release, might fix one part in following release but then miss another part so gave up trying to tell them.
    Makes it damn awkward for us themers but until someone tells them to use a basic standard set of rules then will always happen (was hoping this was going to happen when v4 was released as being re-written from scratch)
    Not much fun if trying to make theme to cover all IPS apps when there is coding missed in some of the apps and have to try and make it work without touching templates
    Another thing is when they change the css used for areas to something else (what is wrong with using the old css for those areas) why change it.
    In my opinion seems some things are just not thought through properly before work starts
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    Derzhis reacted to Netherlord in Fluid View Sidebar Start new topic?   
    Just an idea! Oh and people could stick an ad block there right where people click

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    Derzhis reacted to VoronAlex in Portal   
    @Mike John Please add YouTube, Like/Dislike in future updates.
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    Derzhis reacted to Kirill Gromov in Integration with vk.com   
    From Wiki:
    Dear IPS staff, please make the integration of the largest social network into the products so that the majority of your customers in Europe do not come up with crutches with additional plugins.
    Matt recently published a new opportunity in IPS 4.2 - promotion, which closely works with social networks. We, clients, would like to work with this tool with vk.com.
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    Derzhis reacted to Adriano Faria in The setting: Can view member profiles and member list   
    ACP -> System -> Applications -> System:

    Click on padlock on Profiles line. You'll got:

    Uncheck GUESTS.
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    Derzhis reacted to Ramiru in Separate User Content From Search   
    That only shows the latest X content from the user. When you want to find more content from the user, you still end up in search results page.

    IMHO, it should list all Rhett's content, paginated, hence the community.invisionpower.com/user/146014-rhett/Content_Type/page-n/ suggestion. That way, we can see all his content without leaving his profile.
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    Derzhis reacted to GreenLinks in profile privacy in IPB 4   
    Charles , if we were talking about your specific website or mine , i wouldn't mind discussing all night.

    However what we are discussing is as a software company , you should have that ability to offer it to your end users. Because privacy is something important for many users.

    P.S : This is the second subject we are discussing about privacy :) So it is clear you and me see this differently , what my and other users request is , try to look at this subject outside of your own community scoope. Your belief about this subject should not force IPB following the same route. IPB should follow the best route for their customers ;)
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    Derzhis reacted to wingman23 in profile privacy in IPB 4   
    Just wondering if there is any chance of this being implemented. I know we knocked this subject about ages ago but still think its important to address in the light of this modernization of the software.

    Its all about giving members a choice, even a simple one, (do i want non friends to be able to see my profile page).

    Even the " its good to share everything, privacy sucks" facebook, allows this option..

    Any hope at all for this very important feature being built in this time :thumbsup:
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    Derzhis reacted to GreenLinks in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    Still awaiting blog entry about search as current search is completely disaster.
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