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    Derzhis reacted to Ryan Ashbrook in Enable Messenger   
    If they click the "Messages" link in the user drop down menu, then they will be prompted to re-enable it.
  2. Confused
    Derzhis reacted to bfarber in Dowload / See image attachments permission   
    Invision Community is not vBulletin 3 (or 4 or 5). Our software is not a copycat or clone of another software out there that may be similar in its intentions. It works differently in some (many) aspects, this is just the simple fact.
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    Derzhis reacted to Daniel F in [Create Menu] Give us Sorting or Customization!   
    I have brought this up internally 🙂 
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    Derzhis reacted to Maxxius in [Create Menu] Give us Sorting or Customization!   
    Hi guys, I wonder is there a way to change the language strings that are used in the CreateMenu? My language is complicated and if I made it sound good when translated in CreateMenu then in other part of the suit the same phrase results in a grammatical error.
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    Derzhis reacted to Michael.J in Portal   
    Seems to be an issue with the new lazy load feature, can you try this patch and let me know if it works.
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    Derzhis reacted to TheWorldNewsMedia.org in Private Threads INSTEAD of PM's   
    No one is asking for a "Slack Clone"
    We (I) am asking for "real-time" like Slack.....
    I officially give up.
    Let's all be happy with our stone chisels and call it a day!

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    Derzhis reacted to TheWorldNewsMedia.org in Private Threads INSTEAD of PM's   
    Slack Direct Message to one or more parties = 
    IPS personal message = 
    I would reverse your logic and state...
    Why wouldn't any modern forum / social media want fast personal / direct messaging?
    What purpose does the 30 second delay and need to refresh the entire screen to see if someone responded  actually serve? 
    Is there a whole group of people I'm missing who love delays?
    I wonder if anyone ever said... "You'll need to provide a compelling reason why anyone would ever use an internet speed faster than 56K" 
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    Derzhis reacted to Kirill Gromov in Custom fields everywhere   
    Hey, IPS, you must do it!  This is a good part of any community.
    You do a great job for us, but we do not have a some functionality, for example we want to create topics with custom template with fields. We want to create events with Database Relationship field to retrieve data from the Pages and etc.
    Is it planned to do this in the future?
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    Derzhis reacted to Mr 13 in Discord is killing our forum   
    IPS must provide instant interaction without reloading of pages and infinite scrolling, just like discord, vk, and any other modern website does.
    Without this features using of IC is too slow and uncomfortable for users who ever tried discord/vk/discourse etc and we will loose them.
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    Derzhis reacted to Interferon in Discord is killing our forum   
    I recommend adding a good chat implementation to IPB. Our users requested a Discord server, and it's been successful. Too successful. People now hang out on our Discord server and post there instead of our own website.
    There are three problems:
    We want our users' content to be on our own website so it attracts more traffic. Having Discord available discourages people from creating an account for our site, so we are losing customer data and the ability to sell them more products. I don't like giving control of our community over to some third party that might go under, start charging us money, or delete our data for any arbitrary reason. There are many bad chat applications our there. We used to use CometChat but it's buggy and they raised their prices ten times. I just visited the ArrowChat site and they can't even keep their SSL certificate up to date. IPS should be concerned about this, because I can see our forum dying off in real-time and the activity on Discord keeps going up. I'm not sure what to do. I want to delete our Discord server but I am afraid people won't move back to the forum. If the forum had a decent chat feature it would be easier to persuade our users to move back into our own system. I would actually not worry about voice or video at all, because no one in our community ever uses it.
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    Derzhis reacted to Makoto in X-XSS- Protection   
    I'm sorry but I really don't have any more time or patience to go back and forth like this with someone who bases all their knowledge off of what random online website scanning tools say and can't actually take the time to research or try and understand what those directives actually mean or what they are for.
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    Derzhis reacted to Adlago in New one-year, hard-coded limit to blocks in 4.4.2   
    I think such hardcore IPS limits can only apply to this own site.
    When this platform is used by many thousands of customers, any limitation should only be managed by a site owner / administrator.
    Any other justification is discrimination and irrationality.
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    Derzhis reacted to day_ in Theme Color should be set in theme options   
    It’s also used by Chrome on Android phones to change the colour of the browser UI at the top to match your site.
    So if I have a one Red theme, one Blue theme and one Green theme, I’m unable to change the Theme Colour to match without editing the includeMeta template.

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    Derzhis reacted to FZ in Remove Upgrade Banner   
    The executive decisions taken by IPS management at times leave me baffled. They truly do. It's almost as if they seem determined at all costs to upset their paying customers as regularly as they can. 
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    Derzhis reacted to TheWorldNewsMedia.org in Everybody is choosing "Night Mode" nowadays....   
    I think we need to include this functionality as well.
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    Derzhis reacted to day_ in Dark theme by IPS   
    I would support adding to the IPS workload by adding a native dark/night mode option which comes out the box, Ive tried myself a few times and it’s a nightmare, especially the editor.
    Night mode is one of the most requested features for both iOS and Android operating systems, Twitter, YouTube both have them now, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are both working on releasing soon.
    Users no longer want to be blinded by bright whites, especially at night. 
  17. Confused
    Derzhis reacted to GTServices in alt images tags for SEO   
    A good image could generate more traffic than some topics. So, it makes sense to optimize for organic traffic wherever you can.
    On top of that, every hit to image cost you money.
    Until something is done... I recommend the following...
    (This is a manual task but it's better than ignoring it.)
    Go into ACP > Files report ... sort by images
    Review each image and update the ones you believe are worth your time.
    Click the magnify icon ... click link to topic ... Click Edit post ... double click on image ... edit Image Title ... Save
    Do that to each of your most popular images.
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    Derzhis reacted to Steve Bullman in alt images tags for SEO   
    I have a massive amount of images on my forum yet very few listing in google for them.  I see that IPS automatically applies the file name as the alt tag, lets face it, members are never going to add them even though the option is there.
    Instead of the file name being added as default, would using the thread title be more beneficial for SEO purposes, or on a large thread with multiple images with the same tag would this prove detrimental?
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    Derzhis reacted to marklcfc in Start new topic button   
    If pressed on the home page, it takes 4 clicks to get to the topic form, compared to XF which takes 2 clicks to get to the topic form, XF also displays all options immediately without the need for a dropdown. This button could be improved, I never used it personally but I'd use it more if the options were more like this

    compared to

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    Derzhis reacted to Teddy Rogers in AdminCP Timeout Warning / Prompt...   
    I was recently in AdminCP editing the terms and privacy policy. Whilst I was busy typing away my login period must have expired. When I hit the save button I was sent to the login page and all my work was lost. The third time this occurred I nearly mashed my keyboard through my desk.
    Maybe I am slow at thinking/typing and I need to work on improving that. Anyway... the point is it would be nice if there was a prompt to warn me that I am about to timeout. Other sites do a similar thing and give you the option to extend and continue working.
    An implementation like this may save a keyboards life...
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    Derzhis reacted to TIPF in 'Our Picks' Question   
    Is there any way of auto-notifying a poster when their topic has been promoted? At the moment we're doing it manually as it is a massive moral booster, but is easily missed by the member if they're not aware.
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    Derzhis reacted to OctoDev in Remove the white space in source code   
    It's not always about SEO or Speed. It's about how it should be. 
    I have never seen any other forum software, or websites in general that has that many empty lines. What is the reasoning behind this?
    I don't think there is any good explanation to why we should have extra lines in the source code. Maybe it doesn't make that much of an impact to load the page but still looks horrible. It just makes no sense, I've never seen any website have this other than IPS Forums.
    Sadly, think a plugin would be good for many but I personally enabled CloudFlare HTML Minify. I just think this is something that should be natively supported/optimized by IPS - no plugin required. For my case; you don't need to. But if any other here would want one, why not? Seems like IPS Are not going to support it, as "everyone has gzip enabled on their server, or use html minify so there is no reason to optimize it."
    That really depends on your server configuration. 
    I just don't see why you guys have added this much empty space to the "page source code". It looks horrible and unprofessional. Yes, it doesn't have much of an impact regardless if you enable gzip or whatever compression - but still looks pretty bad. 
    This looks x10 better, and yes it saves some bandwidth.

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    Derzhis reacted to Aiwa in 4.2.7 Release or changelog.   
    No, they certainly don't list what must be hundreds of fixes... But they do at least hit the high points.  There are software development companies that use the likes of JIRA and have public facing feature / bug trackers, regardless of whether or not the public can comment on them, where they can auto-generate release notes.
    Your 'Release Notes' section is a bit bi-polar.  There are some releases that AT LEAST have a bulleted list of 5-6 items that were changed / fixed, others with nothing but, 'Maintenance Release go fend for yourself', or just a link to a blog post.  Are you going to use your Release Notes for what they are, are you going to use your Blog, or is it something you're going to let fall by the wayside like documentation?
    You've stated numerous times that you intentionally don't have a public bug tracker because you don't want a duplication of effort.  Completely understand, but that's almost exactly what you've created with your Release notes database.  You're either not putting anything in there, or the information exists somewhere else and is being directly linked.  What's the point?
    All the Release Notes seems to do is let me down every time I go take a look.  I had to go back to 4.1.17 to find what I would consider quality release notes.  Starting with 4.2, release notes fell off your radar.  
  24. Haha
    Derzhis reacted to Michael R in Inconsistent theme HTML   
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    Derzhis reacted to Durango in New feature : Post BEFORE Register !   
    Hi @Charles and @Lindy
    Great to know this will be in 4.3 as it will be a game changer for our communities : it can boost registrations by 600% (as tested on a large board where i used to work)
    Can you confirm it will be included in 4.3 ?
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