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    Derzhis reacted to cocoliso in WhatsApp Share Button for 4.5   
    Whatsapp is used by 99% of people in my country, and very used in Europe. It would need to be included in the system by default, not as plugin.
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    Derzhis reacted to rgf100 in Make better use of reputation / like information   
    I'm flogging a dead horse here, but... I still can't filter a post block by number of reactions.
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    Derzhis reacted to Jordan Invision in What kind of blog content are you interested in?   
    Hey Invision fam, I'm interested in contributing blog posts to Invision related to either community building, social media and/or handy features in Invision. 
    Before I put pen to paper, err... finger to keyboard, I wanted to loop you guys in and see if you had any suggestions/ideas for blogs you'd enjoy reading.
    These future stories will be fun, digestible content, but before I dive in I'd love your input!
    Drop me a line in the comments 🙏 
    Just as a little FYI, I'm Invision's new Community Advocate. More on that here.
    Let me know!
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    Derzhis reacted to hawksfan in Spam via Contact Us - Call to Arms!   
    Can we please get the addition of the question/answer challenge on the contact us form? Captcha is not adequate any longer.
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    Derzhis reacted to Mark Round in All activity in acp   
    Is it possible in the acp to have all posted content in a list in chronological order with pagination and moderation options etc similar to the way it is in Wordpress ?
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    Derzhis reacted to Morrigan in Reporting members without content?   
    I think there are plenty of other things than links. Inappropriate avatars, signatures, profile headers etc. There is more than one reason that you may want to report a user but not specifically their content.
    By all means a member account IS a content item in itself and contains content that is not posted anywhere else in the suite but utilized all over the suite.
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    Derzhis reacted to CoffeeCake in Reporting members without content?   
    Profile information that is spammy or offensive.
    Imagine a new member registering and entering in something completely inappropriate in a free-text field. They never post, but maybe it's a link to something not okay for the community, or contains wildly offensive remarks about another member, or a group of people, etc. etc.
    We've seen it all. Absolutely should have a "report this member" option on the profile.
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    Derzhis reacted to Erosik in Problem with refreshing .css files   
    I did it, but it still doesn't refresh my css files and changes on the forum don't appear.
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    Derzhis reacted to Erosik in Problem with refreshing .css files   
    Hi, I've been struggling for some time with the problem that it doesn't refresh my .css files or does it for a very long time. Two days ago I was editing EUIP application settings and until now I have not refreshed my CSS files. It adds new classes on the forum and does not add them either. Any advice what to do in this situation? Cleaning the cache in your browser does not help, in cloudflare the same. Thank you in advance for any help.
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    Derzhis reacted to The Old Man in Is it possible to prevent In_Dev ACP session timing out?   
    Is it possible to prevent In_Dev Theme and Designer's Mode ACP sessions from timing out on localhost?
    I go off to read or check something switch tabs back and I can't save my changes as the session has ended.
    Many thanks!
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    Derzhis reacted to AlexWebsites in Invision devs forgot # of views in Topic Summary?   
    I think topic views can be very helpful, especially for the topic starter. We have sponsors that create topics and seeing that metric is very important to them while comparing that to replies. Someone can probably create a plugin for that.
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    Derzhis reacted to Takohashi in So much empty space...   
    But this is precisely why there is a responsive layout - so that the page looks equally good on different devices and different screen sizes.
    But I feel there is a lot of space here that can be saved.

    Why are all the elements so huge? This is not a touch screen. Why do you pay so much attention to secondary elements there (highlighted in red), dropping the main content to the bottom of the page? Author / date creation. I wrote about the author and the date of creation here. Follow. Forums with thousands of members and millions of posts, but several people subscribe to topics. It looks something like this: Promote. Who sees this button? Only admins and moderators? So it only looks good to a few people on the forum, but thousands of other members see a huge empty space? Share. Do you have statistics on the use of this button? This button is almost never used by anyone, but you have given it a central place on the page. Seriously? Moderation Actions. Again — so it only looks good to a few people on the forum, but thousands of other members see a huge empty space? Start new topic / Reply. I wrote about it here. One more example on a smartphone:

    It looks ugly, it duplicates the same action, it interferes with clicking the "Submit" button.
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    Derzhis reacted to CoffeeCake in Persist forum view setting for logged in members   
    Members would like the choice to select from one of the available forum views (grid, traditional forum view, simplified listing with filters) and have that value persist across sessions on their member account. After submitting a support request, we were informed that this setting is stored in a cookie. Members clearing cookies, using multiple devices, or browing incognito are not having this value saved.
    This should be a user account setting, restored upon login regardless of whether or not cookies are stored.
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    Derzhis reacted to Takohashi in So much empty space...   
    It's Full HD. The main content is marked in green. More than half of the screen at the top is occupied by secondary useless information.

    And if we use a logo with a large header, then the main content will generally be at the very bottom of the page.
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    Derzhis reacted to marklcfc in So much empty space...   
    I said most of this in beta stage but it meant nothing
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    Derzhis reacted to Quotes in So much empty space...   
    So standard installs of a forum only are not considered core business?
    Sorry but this isn't open source software, we have paid subscriptions, and having already been told by Invision they don't want to discuss it, and seeing people being asked to dial down "criticism" here only makes customers feel unloved. Maybe developers don't want to put as much weight behind design issues as they do functionality but seeing so much white space looks very amateur. Not forgetting a topic list relegated down near the fold is going to impact engagement.
    And if we are talking components (to cover multiple scenarios) then why can't we switch this section off?
    I hope you can appreciate that members posting here probably represent multiple installs, and have to explain this to their clients too. If you can't handle the negative feedback from us then try dealing with it when it comes from the front line.
    This isn't a political hot potato... just a straightforward design issue arising from an update... it can be fixed if someone is prepared to listen.
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    Derzhis reacted to Takohashi in So much empty space...   
    I totally agree. The default skin in 4.5 is absolutely terrible. Huge elements, padding, empty space, thin and faded text, low contrast, and more. It's no surprise why more and more people are choosing to use XenForo, Discord, etc., over IPB. I don't know who made the new skin, but it feels like a beginner freelancer from Dribble made it.
    But why did they need to move the follow button one line down? If the follow button was positioned on the same line as the title, as before, there would be no useless empty space.
    One more example:

    It takes up a lot of space, but none of it is needed there.
    You just entered a topic and want to reply right away? Not! You just entered a topic and want to create a new topic right away? Of course not!  Who cares who is the author of the topic and when it was created? Nobody! For example, I have active topics on my forum that are already 12 years old. Why should I constantly show who is the author of these topics if they have not visited the forum for 10 years and everyone has already forgotten about them?? Nobody cares who is the author of the topic. This information is completely meaningless and useless. One more example:

    Am I exactly in a place for people to communicate? Because on my screen I see only a white space and a couple of lines of text. 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    Derzhis reacted to Interferon in So much empty space...   
    This is really excessive.

    It looks even worse if your forum background is set to white.

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    Derzhis reacted to Joel R in "New content" on mobile   
    I 100% agree, which is why I privately commissioned a plug-in "Compact Streams" from @Spanner over a year ago. He can probably privately sell for a very modest price.  
    I killed all of that junk on mobile.  No stream title, no stream description, no stream option, no stream filter, no condensed or expanded. Five lines of junk, junk, junk.  
    Communities that are 50%+ mobile should be auditing all of their top pages on mobile to evaluate the user experience.  
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    Derzhis reacted to MMXII in translating word keys containing the word "in"   
    It is a huge problem that many phrases consist of language string fragments. While this works in English, it is a serious problem for many other languages.
    Sadly the translation section of the software has not seen many improvements in the past (and I highly doubt it will at all in the 4.x lifecycle). I hope that for version 5.x IPS talks to some foreign language speakers to get some feedback before a new translation system will be created.
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    Derzhis reacted to jair101 in 4.5 stock images need to be more prominent   
    One of the new features I am most excited about is the ability to attach free stock images to the post. It took me a while to find that this is buried deep in "Other Media->Insert a stock photo". There is absolutely no way I can communicate that properly to my members and you know the saying (rephrasing/butchering it probably): "If you need to explain your user interface, you have a bad user interface".
    For all years since 4.x is live I never ever looked and used this menu and I believe neither most of my members. Can the options be spread throughout the upload bar instead:

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    Derzhis reacted to Pavel Chernitsky in How about opening ALL links in posts in a new tab?   
    Can we get an ACP option/toggle to open ALL links in posts (including internal) in a new tab? I won't even ask for a new toggle. you can add this to the "open External links" thingy to like a drop down or sumthn' 🙂  
    * Don't suggest middle/Ctrl clicking. Humans are dumb and don't know/remember this feature's existence.
    Yay? Nay? I vote yay. please?
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    Derzhis reacted to bfarber in when will the ipb 4.5 forum be ready ?   
    I'm afraid there's no public release date available at this time. We are still wrapping up some things which you'll hear more about soon.
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    Derzhis reacted to Sheffielder in Can you change time of daily/weekly digest emails?   
    When I get up in a morning I'm faced with a list of emails that have dropped in overnight.

    I'll flick through them but won't invest any more time in them than I have to as I start my day.

    If I was sat (for example) in the morning and at 10am an email dropped in from a forum I was a member of I'd invest significantly more time and interest in clicking into it, having a nosey round the forum and links I'd been sent.

    I'd definitely not be doing that at 10:30pm at night when my email drops in.

    I see it drop in then, click it, read it, and forget about it and it's then in my 'read' emails so isn't fresh the next morning anyway.

    The ability to send out digest emails for yesterdays activity at 10am for example would be amazing for me and I would be it would be far far more valuable with regards to getting click throughs onto my forums.
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    Derzhis reacted to AmericanRev2 in embed pdf into posts   
    lets do it invision lets make it happen its almost 2020
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