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  1. That could be the problem yes, beta software isn't supported by developer most of the time, so the changes that IPS have already updated there convertor packages is verry small. You can open a ticket in the client area, and see if they have a solution to your problem :)

  2. I don't now if this is something that can be fixed, but on my forum, the Maxx Light skin creates the "More" drop down in the navigation bar, but if I click on it it only shows "Forums". Is this something that can be fixed, I don't really now why it does this. Since it only have one link in the drop down menu.

  3. @Philiwily you may still have the portal folder in the admin/aplicatoin_addon/ips. Remove it from there. Then you will be able to install the portal app.

  4. Here in the Netherlands, we had 2 full hours a week in primary school computer class, as we called it. We had simple things, how to launch a program, and we even had basic HTML markup. So yes, I thing more kids now there way around with the basic HTML tags.

  5. I'm a member of a Dutch Gaming Community, I wrote some tutorials for them how to use IPB. I was talking with the owner of the website, and he asked if I could re-write the tutorial I made before, because member's don't understand the editor at all.

    I thing it is just to complet at the moment. They just converted over from SMF, they are used using BBCode, some users don't use the full editor, but the BBCode mode. So just keep BBCode in it. I also still use it some times. I'm all for making the posts saved as HTML, but keep BBCode in. I thing a lot of users still use it.

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