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  1. Will it be possible to upgrade from older releases on a you are doing it unsupported base, ore will they not be available at all?
  2. What I ment was a real calendar, liking on Outlook, when you open for example today it shows the hours that are in that day, and the appointments that are on those times.
  3. Will IP.Calendar also support hours and minutes? So that when I open a day one the calendar I get all the hours in the day, something liking on the Calendar in MS Outlook?
  4. The default skin that comes with IPB 4.0 willl be responsive, so you won't have a second mobile skin ore anything else, the skin will adjust itself to what is needed :)
  5. That is the problem, there is to much to do. I now it is great to have control over that much things, but is it maybe to much?
  6. I must say that I don't really start to like the IPS Admin CP anymore, I miss the simple IPB 1.3 Admin CP. Not first needing the get to my System, the System Settings and then finding what I need to do on the tabs. I find it to complect.
  7. Which IE version is the last IPS supported? Because IE is the last version evaible for XP, so they shut be able to upgrade to it.
  8. If you report a bug, you can't confirm it, only your members can :)
  9. Are those updates effective now, ore are those for IPB 4.0?
  10. Hello, Yes, I edited the skin width to make it go way, from 1020px to 1040px. I just put it down here, because I don't understand why it creates the menu if it has only one link in it. Bob
  11. 1020px did I set it to. Is it not possible to build something in that if it will only display one link, that it then will display it instead of the more menu?
  12. Why does it do this? I mean, if there is enough space to place the More Button, why not show the forums instead? It fits perfectly there.
  13. I don't now if this is something that can be fixed, but on my forum, the Maxx Light skin creates the "More" drop down in the navigation bar, but if I click on it it only shows "Forums". Is this something that can be fixed, I don't really now why it does this. Since it only have one link in the drop down menu.
  14. What about putting the link to image, and upload an image into the same place? Not that the user needs to select it. On my community I have uploading of attachements desabled, how will it work then with the images?
  15. Me either, do you have CCleaner frequently? CCleaner also deletes coockies unless you tell it not to do so.
  16. Those minor version wont have major skin changes, and there will be a difference report so that you can apply the patches manual. I also don't thing that you can now which version of 3.4 will be the last before 4.0 is released.
  17. Back then in November 3.1 3 months past its EOL date, something around 10 months ago. They got to stop a some point. And that point is now.
  18. I'm sure if you can't access your community in any way that you can tick the emergy box. Only do this if you can't access your community in any way. And a IPS tech will help you for sure :)
  19. Yes I noticed that, but I'm only intrested in one :P I will get some extra funding over to my Paypal account then.
  20. I'm only intrested in the maxx light skin, is it possible to buy if serperate ore am I missing something here?
  21. You are talking about two different things, which one do you want cleard? Cookies ore Cache?
  22. I personnaly dont agree with you, since Christmas, 31th december and 1st januari are also free days, that will probably if we follow you beta schedule after the new year.
  23. Thats not really an option if you are with IPS Hosting, I need to reupload mine everytime I upgrade.
  24. Is IPS 4 a complete rebuild, ore based on the 3.x source code? This isn't really clear to me, since the skin is still the same.
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