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  1. It's not a gerneral problem with all templates if that's what you've read out of my comment. Most templates work fine, but some, e.g. the one for the last post widget, seem to have problems.
  2. Logged in as admin all the time. Didn't come to the final touch were I do things for guests yet.
  3. When you work on the templates the need is quite frequent. Sometimes you change a template and nothing change visually, not because you did something wrong, but because the template is cached and it still displays the unchanged version.
  4. Let's add, it's just not intuitive the way it is and people will have a hard way finding this without using the search on this forum here first.
  5. Out of unreasonable fears. Try looking at it from this angle: If you are already registered here as a nulled board user, aren't you more likely to end up buying it than when you spend all your life on a nulled board providing nulled software? Also wouldn't it be wrong if they atleast contribute something to the community, which might encourages others to buy the product, because it gained more value than it has now? I always give myself a facepalm when I see people here writing "you need to be a customer to receive support". One thing is ticket support where only one individual profits from support and nobody else (the most stupidest kind of support), but once they write something on the forum, answering the question, regardless of whether that person is a customer or not, adds value to the community, because others might have the same problem, use the search and find this answer and don't have to waste time (which is payed by our all money) using tickets. But no, someone could receive support without paying! ... Sometimes you have to look at things that are negative and consider whether it is in a greater interest to still allow them, because the benefits are greater than the disadvantages. A pirate is this or that... The whole thing isn't as easy as some here think. The world is quite devided to this day, and while some here earn thousand of euro each month, others earn that much in a year. To simply say they just don't want to pay is pure ignorance. I'm well aware that I live in a rich country and 300 € aren't as much to me as they are in country like bulgaria where this is nearly a months pay (also I still cry each time I look at the exchange rate for the Euro, considering it was 75 Cent a Dollar when I first bouth it...). I can relate to a certain agree why they take the software nulled, though I think each one who uses it illegally for financial reasons should aim to buy it, out of respect towards the developers and mostly themself! Of course there are some communist under them, who want everything to be free, who do not respect property rights, but that's a minority and even them will most likely not be able to afford it to begin with.
  6. The last time I had no active licence I was not able to access it.
  7. My standard is actually taking the URL from the image and not the link to the album and that is the standard across other forum softwares aswell. I had to add to my site a share this link, like in vB and xenforo, because the IPB standard here is quite useless. If it would display in the way you suggested it might be usefull, but as it is now it's a "standard" image board owners necessarily have to avoid.
  8. You cannot wrap up those things. You can share a link, not knowing that the one you share it with has no permissions to view it, but if you go that far to make a screenshot of it or reupload it, instead of linking the picture, that means you are already aware of the other person having no rights to view it. So your first assumption would have to be, that the user is innocent sharing it and not guilty simply because he could share it in other ways. How does it behave if you link such a picture in the forum? Is it visible to all? Is there any way to tell, that the picture you are about to link is in a album with limited permission? How good is the visibility of those warning(s)?
  9. I hope you don't forget the gallery in regards to this. The sad 'Star Wars' which is going on in there between stars (rebels) and likes (empire) is terrible to watch at.
  10. If you are at it, consider adding search tags to the album. The title might not always be enough information for the search.
  11. This time I was able to achieve 50 % before it went towards the page saying "Rebuilding... Please wait while we transfer you" for no apparent reason and the drama ended in a page which looks more complicated to read than the chinese alphabet: and around a hundred lines more of that stuff. (The questionsmarks between it are only viewable in the preview here though, another case of what you see isn't what you get) I can tell for sure, that I won't even be using this in 4.1, since its unusable. Before I make the upgrade 3.4->4.1 I will have to do it through the shell file, but its still a shame for those who experience the same hurdle and can't just run around it.
  12. Speed is not the issue, it probably runs as fast as it can. It took me 2-3 hours to make all the current images/image folders CHMOD 777 (around 200.000 with the thumbs), so deleting that many pictures, and creating new ones obviously will take a lot longer. In 3.4 I just made thumbnails 150x150 and did not fill the other boxes with any size at all and it took around 40 hours with the shell, but it ran much more smooth than in the browser. Atleast it seems it's ok, if you are getting logged out so far*, it still continues running as long as you got that tab with it open, but if you lose internet connection for a short periode of time and your browser goes "cannot connect to site" error page you still have to start the whole drama from scratch. Already had that after the first 12 hours running yesterday and the second time was after the browser crashed... I am right now at 25 % again after a bit more than 12 hours. So I assume it will take around 40-50 hours in total and that gallery isn't even a big one, just moderate (a bit less than 100k images). My image count right now pretty much the same as it was 2 years ago with vb3 (my user haven't come to terms with the new gallery, though the old one wasn't even a real gallery or seen as such). Therefore, someone with a big gallery, even with a better server, will have a much harder time swallowing that pill. I would prefer it running longer in a background task than having to keep an watchfull eye on it as a browser task. That was the good thing with the shell, you just minimize it and at one point it tells you it's finished. The browser usually is something people work on and keep open most of the time, so it's more likely to have some negative influence on the process. But I assume they designed it for really small galleries. The whole gallerie is full of things (deleting rights/not being forced to put images in albums etc.) which give you the impression they see it more as a gimmick than a full-fledged product. I hope they change it in the future (still waiting for some announcements for 4.2 though which will contain changes to the gallery, but since they just announced 4.1.12 to be realeased in a few weeks, I don't want to just sit idle and do nothing in the meantime for my testboard...). * I was even able to login again and do some other stuff in the ACP (session timeout and it still continues running in the other tab -> improvement to IPB3, have to give them that).
  13. So far a quite bad experience again in 4.1 as it was in 3.4. It needs looong loooong hours to finish, so it should be made either a background task once you click it, or there should be an option like the "galleryRebuild4_ssh" that was available in 3.4 to do the task. Does this file still work for 4.1? Would be awesome. Having it run for 6 hours now and the progress bar is ~1/7 finished, leaving me no option to close the browser and always in fear that my session expires and it just stops as it used to do in 3.4, the reason why it was unusable there for me in the past.
  14. Its doing some progress lately: https://github.com/stoo2000/membermap/releases
  15. Because most cams make huge pictures by default and users are just to lazy/unskilled to resize them before uploading .
  16. If they develope such a tool, it could be combined as a security measure. Listing all files of the folder, highlighting which are needed, which file size they should have and which they actually have.
  17. Make a box "Do you really want to delete this content. This can't be undone. YES/NO". But it should not be put into the hands of the admin, whether it will be deleted or not, atleast not the pictures in the gallery. And also a picture is something you most likely still got on your camera/computer etc. unlike a post.
  18. I doubt that somewhere in europe it is possible to have a facebook policy towards pictures like in the us. You want the admin to delete them and he has to comply with it or pay a lot of cash... but its different here with posts, since they are not necessary protected by copyright law (only if you write a poem or something like that).
  19. Tomorrow! No, today!

  20. Your browser most likely has a function which allows you to see the HTML/CSS elements of any page you browse (right click). There is no need to search the forum in order to find a certain element. Also backgoundimages are something more advanced. If you put something in there it might look good on 1024x768 but terrible on 1680x1050.
  21. The "Share this comment" is only over the "Posted" here, "x minutes ago" has the correct description.
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