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  1. Has innovation slowed to a snails pace?

    @ResPecT My Authoritah, if one developer fails to provide you don't need to blame the whole IPS Community, with that being said, if you want to find a developer you don't need to look only on IPS, you can search a programmer all over the internet, they all know to read and do a simple/complex plugin. P.S: if you paid for something that doesn't work, you can make a chargeback on paypal, or talk to someone on IPS. just stop posting useless stuff, you look like a child doing that.
  2. Has innovation slowed to a snails pace?

    I like jokes, I mean, I do jokes all the time. But, wtf? I don't get your problem. IPS gave you a nice piece of software, they make updates, maybe not every day...you know...the updates need work, ideas, etc. But why all this non sense? Do you think your "community" or whatever you use IPS for is unsuccessful because of them? As a reminder...you can make your own plugins...even if you don't have the knowledge, you can hire someone.
  3. Has innovation slowed to a snails pace?

    With a small loan of only 1 million dollars I'll transform that y in a H.
  4. Has innovation slowed to a snails pace?

    Indeed, they should build a rocket, and after that, two rockets, maybe three. In the end, you make the update and you find out that you need to pay the designer again...
  5. Login Required to View Board

    Of course, you just click a button.
  6. should I change to IPS

    You have 32 members you said, I really suggest you to use IPS Cloud, you got all the aps with a little price and with no need to be an expert in something, they can solve you any issue you have. Or if you are rich enough to buy the full suite self hosted, and then host it and got no help from no-one, then you can do that. But, I think the cloud idea is the best. P.S: I am self-hosted, but I am in this business for 8 years now.
  7. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    The load problem will be solved. We worked really hard at the design, the theme was bought from here but it was very bugged with a lot of problems, anywhere you'd go something needed change. The character from the logo was made from scratch by us and everything, every image was a sketch at first. Anyway, thanks for the review.
  8. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    http://nextg.ro/forum/ The board isn't officially opened. Just some users to beta test, etc. We still have work to do.
  9. You can renew your support only for forums, you don't need to renew for all of them. But if you renew the support only for forums you will got updates only for that. But even if you don't renew anything you can still use your suite, no-one is closing your site for not renewing. But if you want updates to a specific/all apps then you need to renew. It's really simple to understand to be honest.
  10. IPS Anniversary - 10 Years Online

    Happy birthday and I hope in the future will be "IPS Anniversary - 50 years online"
  11. remove all+ban members in one click

    IPB have a function, automated, when a bot/member make spam, IPB have some levels of warnings, at one level, that member is autmaticly moved to banned users. "Spam Monitoring Service"