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  1. It should, but it doesn't work... we'll keep waiting then... 😔
  2. Hello, The error 500 has already been solved weeks ago with the update 1.0.6... I told you in the mail of October 7th. My problem is that the application doesn't work for me. As I told you in the same mail, it doesn't matter which forums or subforums I select to be viewed in grid mode, because it puts them all in grid mode... I don't know if you understand me.
  3. When will an update be released that makes the application work correctly?
  4. Error in 4.5.3 ver. I installed it from the marketplace for the first time, and when I activated it I got the famous error 500.
  5. hi, Recently I purchased this skin and I have a doubt about the slider. Until now, thanks to the comments of this topic I could set the slider smoothly, but I encounter a problem that I have not been asked, think... (if not, excuse me). In the slider, all the images perform the same movement effect. How I can modify the moves for each image? many thanks
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