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  1. Reporting A Member Profile

    $10 + $18/year renewal is too much for me to add a single feature. Other people might feel differently but that's my opinion. It might not be bloatware for people who enjoy many of the included features, but for me that just wants one feature, it kind of is. In my opinion it would be better if each feature was its own plugin at around $2-3 with no renewal, and that way people can pick out what they actually need. But that's just my opinion since you asked, it's your application and completely up to you.
  2. Reporting A Member Profile

    Do IPS have any plans to add this, or does anyone have plans to create a more simple plugin for this? This is the only extra feature I want from Member & Staff Tools so I can't really justify buying that application.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Some users (including myself) don't really use the "Rank" feature as a member ranking, but instead let their users set their own text for the rank, providing more of a member title feature. However, the profile page will still list this as a "Rank", leading to confusion. This plugin replaces the word "Rank" with whatever you have set for the custom rank name in your language settings – in a default installation this is "Title" – saving you the trouble of having to split your website language or edit a template, just to change a string. Tested on IPS 4.1.10.


  4. Advanced Favicons

    There's some problems with my setup after running through your app, according to the favicon checker: Any idea why this is happening? If you PM me, I can give you login info if you need it to debug. PS: I've attached the master image I used.
  5. Videobox

    Hi, I have some feature requests for the app. I'd appreciate if you could consider adding these as options, and let me know if you'll be able to do them or not. Can we have a per category option to disallow the "Description" field? Sometimes I don't want people adding a description. In the "Customizable Video Feed" widget, can we have the option to sort by Online/Offline livestreams? I would only like the block to show online livestreams. For livestream categories, can we simplify the "Title" and "Stream URL" into a single field, "Steam URL", and then have the title be generated from the Stream URL? Eg. I don't want people giving titles like "My stream :)" and then adding https://www.twitch.tv/twitchplayspokemon as the stream URL – it would be better if they only added the stream URL, and then the title auto-generates to "TwitchPlaysPokemon" from the stream URL. Can we disallow duplicate streams from being added? Can we restrict certain user groups to only adding a certain amount of streams? Eg. I would like to restrict it so that Members can only add 1 stream each, and that Administrators/Moderators can add as many as they want. In livestream categories, it would be nice if the "Add Video" button was instead "Add Stream" or "Add Livestream", and records in that category then referred to as Streams/Livestreams everywhere. Thanks a lot, Daniel
  6. Is there a way to make the page title for the homepage / default app just be the website name? Eg. "Invision Power Services" instead of "Forum - Invision Power Services". I can't work out how to achieve this, so I'm thinking it's not possible? I think it should definitely be an option, as this is a pretty standard page title convention across the web.
  7. Videos Support

    Have PMed you
  8. Sidebar Poll Support

    Hi, I reported an issue here: http://www.devfuse.com/forums/tracker/issue-1200-sidebar-poll-ex0-error-when-in-dev-is-enabled/
  9. Videos Support

    Hi, Unfortunately I'm having an issue with upgrading from Videos 2.3.2 to 3.1.6. Also, attempting the upgrade makes it so that the app becomes impossible to uninstall (so I'm unable to do a new install, due to a duplicate application). I reported this to IPS but they weren't interested in fixing the problem generally: https://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/active-reports/41-beta-1-if-upgrading-an-application-fails-then-it-makes-it-impossible-to-remove-that-application-r8236/ Would you be able to look into it for me? Thanks so much.
  10. Videos Support

    Hi, Are there any plans to support Twitch.tv embeds? Twitch.tv doesn't offer oEmbed, unfortunately.
  11. Pages Pre-release 3

    ​Will relational fields work with all 'content items', eg. forum topics, gallery images?
  12. Beta 4

    Would love another beta soon! My development has pretty much come to a halt with beta 3/3a due to the upgrade errors
  13. Are relational fields coming back? I would love to see a relational field that not only allows you to select records from a defined database, but can also be used to have the user select a gallery image, or a forum topic, and so on.
  14. That would explain it, I have to turn IN_DEV off when I want to look at the front-end since it breaks my front-end at the moment.