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Downloads posted by DChiuch

  1. $3.00

    Collaborative Albums By Default

    Requires IPS Gallery.
    By default, albums in IPS Gallery are set to only be editable and contributed to by the owner of the album. Even if users have moderation abilities for a gallery category, or even if you're the top admin, by default you can't add to an album that is owned by someone else. This plugin removes this per album setting, and sets all new or edited albums to be "public", ie. anyone with permission to upload to the gallery category can now edit and contribute to all of the albums within that category.

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  2. $10.00

    Hide Spoilers Forums From Feeds

    This plugin allows you to select forums that are "Spoilers" forums – forums where people can post things freely without using the spoiler tag – and stops these forums from showing up in feeds. Previously, spoilers forums would show up in the activity feeds (unread, all activity, etc), profile feeds, search results and leaderboard top content – but no more! Keep your members from accidentally seeing spoilers!

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  3. $3.00

    [sharedmedia] BBcode Support for IPS4

    This plugin brings back the [sharedmedia] BBcode from earlier versions of Invision Power Community to Invision Community 4 (IPS4). This allows you to write a sharedmedia BBcode for the following IPS apps: Calendar, Gallery, Downloads, Core, and Blog. For example,
    [sharedmedia=downloads:file:9075] will become:

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  4. Free

    List "Rank" as "Title" on Profile Page

    Some users (including myself) don't really use the "Rank" feature as a member ranking, but instead let their users set their own text for the rank, providing more of a member title feature. However, the profile page will still list this as a "Rank", leading to confusion.
    This plugin replaces the word "Rank" with whatever you have set for the custom rank name in your language settings – in a default installation this is "Title" – saving you the trouble of having to split your website language or edit a template, just to change a string.
    Tested on IPS 4.1.10.
    Update: This plugin doesn't work on the latest version of IPS (as of around September 2017). This is because it is no longer necessary – the "Rank" label on the profile page is now an editable language string.


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