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  1. davetheiguana

    [HQ] MotM - Member of the month

    Done the trick, thanks! :)
  2. davetheiguana

    [HQ] MotM - Member of the month

    I've just bought the app but I've encountered a problem: This occurs when a member clicks on the MOTM Archive link: Any suggestions?
  3. davetheiguana

    Little tweak for a better looking forum

    I wouldn't class half of that as essential information, I mean, who really cares about what member no. someone is? The joined date is also viewable in the member profile area. I really don't see the need for it. Just clutter in my eyes, but each to their own :)
  4. davetheiguana

    Download: (SOS34) You Have Been Mentioned

    No worries. Thanks for looking into it :)
  5. davetheiguana

    Download: (SOS34) You Have Been Mentioned

    I'm also not receiving notifications when mentioned in posts. I've ensured it's set up with the correct defaults accepted. One other thing I've noticed is the profile link it creates. Yesterday I mentioned a member and although it made their name into a link, it would direct to my profile.
  6. davetheiguana

    Global Forum Announcement

    Go to the Moderator CP and click on the "Announcements" tab. That will bring a list up of your announcements.
  7. davetheiguana

    Download: (SOS34) You Have Been Mentioned

    Is the first release ok to install then?
  8. davetheiguana

    [IPBLounge] Applications System

    Just want to say thanks for all the work you've put in on this app, getting it to where it is :) When I first bought it, my expectations were high, yet I felt a little let down with all the bugs/issues and the apparent lack of commitment. I've now installed the updated version and I'm impressed. It works as it should and looks so much better. So well done :D
  9. davetheiguana

    Download: PlayThru

    I'm on 3.3.4 and it works fine for me.
  10. davetheiguana

    Download: PlayThru

    Installed and working great, thanks! Just tried it using the mobile skin on a Samsung Galaxy S3. Very easy and responsive :)
  11. davetheiguana

    (RC34) Testimonials System

    Great work on the app, mate. Really does look the business at the moment :smile: I've spotted a little problem though: Whenever I try to use a currency symbol, it isn't displayed correctly. the above example should have been "£105". This problem was present on 1.1.1 and I've just found it on 1.1.2. Paul
  12. davetheiguana

    Quiz System

    Yeah, I had a little play with a quiz and was able to submit another entry on to the leaderboard. Quiz completed " alt="quiz-1.png"> Back button allowed me to ammend my answers and reset timer " alt="quiz-2.png"> New leaderboard entry added " alt="quiz-3.png"> Now I'm not going to pretend that I know anything about coding an application, because I haven't got a clue lol. There probabably won't be a way to stop people hitting the back button, but is there any way for the application to check if a user ID has already submitted a score to a quiz? Apart from that Mikey, the quiz application is awesome and I'm getting some good feedback from my members :smile:
  13. davetheiguana

    Quiz System

    Is there any way to remove the questions from view before you take the quiz? " alt="quiz-showquiz.png"> There's nothing to prevent someone trying to find the answers before taking the quiz, making the timer relatively pointless.
  14. For a mobile app, I've installed Tapatalk for my forums. It's free to install on your directory but your members have to pay for the app. It supports: iPhone iPad BlackBerry Android Chrome When creating or replying to topics, you can upload pictures and they will be hosted by Tapatalk: :)