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  1. (M34) Auto Birthday Greeter

    I did a quick search in this topic and didn't find anything related to hiding the sideblock if no members are celebrating a birthday. Is that possible?
  2. Embed Tweet

    Post your complaints somewhere else. This isn't the place. And, it's not out fault you can't get this working. There are multiple options here that are known-good resolutions. For the record, IPS is already aware of Twitter, silly.
  3. Embed Tweet

    I wouldn't mind using the embedtweet_v2.js file, but I the embed code doesn't have a "follow" option for the member that made the Tweet.
  4. Embed Tweet

    So, basically, the way you're doing it, Dmacleo, eliminates one extra step: clicking the BBCode image icon on the editor?
  5. Embed Tweet

    Boom! You are the man for finding that! I've followed those directions and it's working perfectly for me on my 3.3.4 board. Thanks a bunch!
  6. Embed Tweet

    Which is? It looks like yours broke for whatever reason. Do you have any idea why?
  7. Embed Tweet

    I'm using the new file from Lokeh and still can't get this to work. I'm on 3.3.4.
  8. Embed Tweet

    Were either you you able to get it working properly?
  9. Sign in through Google

    Great work, Marcher! It's working perfectly!
  10. Embed Tweet

    Is that the same as this? "Prevent other codes parsing?" If so, It was set to "Yes" and I changed it to no. After I changed disabled it, I embedded another Twitter shortcode and it still didn't work.
  11. Embed Tweet

    I like this Mikey. Thanks. Unfortunately, I can't get this to work on 3.3.4. I just downloaded it, uploaded php file, installed the xml file, added the js to the includemeta and I keep getting this: [tweet https://twitter.com/MadMikeyB/status/269877302475780096]
  12. Download: Duplicate Members Logger

    That's why I asked to set up a time. I'm online now, but not available to do this with you. I'm pretty flexible, but it'll have to be in a few days. What time zone are you in?
  13. Download: Duplicate Members Logger

    Can we set up a time to do this so we're both available?
  14. Download: Duplicate Members Logger

    OK. What exactly are you requesting of me? I don't use Teamviewer.
  15. Download: Duplicate Members Logger

    I'm not sure what good that would do since I was merely testing this. What's to say that the same thing won't happen on another computer, from someone who actually is trying to register multiple accounts using different Browsers? Theoretically, you could be providing support for many people one on one. Basically, I could care less if it works on my computer. It just needs to work on computers other than mine.