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    Am incercat sa o instalez dar imi da o eroare cand uploadez xml-ul... Multumesc Locale e setat pe en_US. Am incercat si ro_RO si nimic....
  1. This extends: Hello guys! I have some requests. 1 - Can you please give forum admins the possibility to simplify the board? I would like to shutdown a lot of feature on the forum and that's not possible. Modularize the board somehow because it's too high tech. For example, I want to hide some fields from the profile. Like registration date and "About Me", or I want to default hide the sidebar. 2 - When replying to a topic, put a quick quote button in the posts that are showing below. 3 - Make a SMF like SSI.php file. I want to make an app but I don't want it to be a IP.Board hook. I include in a php file SSI.php and I will gain access to an array that contains some info about the user that is currently logged in.(ID, email, avatar, age etc). 4 - Do something with the search! Some support guys told me to blame is the MySQL driver. Well my users are telling me IP.Board is worse comparing with SMF. 5 - Make a better avatar resize when uploading, not a HTML resize. Thanks! :thumbsup:
  2. Any idea why new users can't post in the shoutbox ?
  3. I upgraded from SMF(1.0) on my website and frankly the problems that I have now make me wonder if I made a good choice. The things that keep me going and stop me from moving to another software is the Support Staff and their ability to solve problems and keep the customer happy. Is the best I worked with until now. Those guys and girls should get a raise everyday. :thumbsup: The major drawback of the software is the search engine. I tried all kind of things and it's absolutely bad. If I have a topic called "problema supapa egr" and I search "problema supapa egr" or "supapa egr" or "problema egr" it wont take me near it. And maybe it's a solution on the support forums but I can't find it because the search engine is bad. Users are getting upset! Belive it or not, but some bailed out because of this! Another problem is it's too high tech. A lot of clicking to achieve something. For example if I want to write a reply to a topic and I forgot to quote somebody, I have to click back and reply/quote his message. That's a lot of clicking... The last problem it's with the administrator. It would be best to modularize the software, so I can disable some features I don't want. For example: I don't want the user to have an About me profile field, I don't want him to edit his notification options, and I don't want him to make any notes. Furthermore, I miss SSI.php from SMF. That was very helpful in a quick expanding of the website. These aren't requests but please consider them before releasing the 3.2 version, because the guys are going to kill me. <_< Thank you! :thumbsup:
  4. If I click on BBCode a window pops up with this error message: Any idea how to fix it? Thanks.
  5. Custom fields values are not showing.
  6. Any luck in accomplishing this cool feature ? Many of my users are making pressure on the staff to move back to SMF because of this.
  7. Can you please tell me how do I change these colors ?
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