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  1. I have this too, it's making it extremely annoying to use my site.
  2. This is a really old post but I have the same problem and it doesn't look like it was ever solved. I'm getting spammed with bot signups that are making it past email validation. I've fixed that now but am left with a bunch of accounts that were flagged as possible spammers and are now listed as "This member must be approved manually." How do I bulk delete these users? I have 89 pages of them so can't do it manually!
  3. Update has reappeared for me now, haven't tried to run it yet. Also got the announcement email this morning so maybe it was pushed a bit earlier than planned or something.
  4. This is exactly what just happened to me. No problem with the actual notification appearing, the problem came when I clicked on it. Checking for updates manually does nothing. I have no mods installed at all that would affect the ACP. Pretty strange!
  5. Both working perfectly, you're my hero @Meddysong, thanks!
  6. My website is here and I'm using the dark version of the default theme: I understand that this is provided without official support so I'm hoping someone here can help me. I really like the theme but there are two problems that I can't figure out how to solve: The search box has a dark background but the text is black. The WYSIWYG editor has a white background, which is fine, but when quoting another post the quote box is dark but the text colour from quotes is not maintained. As such, quotes in the editor show up with dark text on a dark background and are almost unreadable. Other text entry (e.g. user profile) works fine since they're all just black text in white boxes, which is fine. I've tried looking at the CSS for both of these but the hierarchies are quite complicated and I get a bit lost beyond basic CSS stuff. Anyone have any ideas for how to fix this?
  7. I'm not able to add line breaks within a td, I guess it's a result of the linebreak fix but it makes working with tables rather difficult. Is there anything that can be done about that? Thanks for the mod :smile: . Fixed, see second edit. Edit: I commented out the call to stripLineBreaks and got the same result. For example, this code works: [table] [tr] [td]Text1[/td] [/tr] [/table] But this code doesn't: [table] [tr] [td]Text1 Text2[/td] [/tr] [/table] Here, the tr tags are parsed but table and td are not. As far as I can tell, IPB reads the post and parses tags when they are closed, so td first, in this case. I think the td tag is failing to parse becuase of the linespace within it. I'm still looking through the code to see if I can work out the exact cause. It is also possible this is an issue with running on a Windows server? Edit 2: Fixed this. You need to use the PHP tag which counts newline as part of the any character regex match (a dot). To do this, at the end of each regex, change /i to /is. Specifically, in table.php it should say: $txt = preg_replace("/\[{$_tag}\](.*?)\[\/{$_tag}\]/is", "<table class=&#39;ipb_table&#39;>$1</table>", $txt); And it td.php it should say: $txt = preg_replace_callback("/\[{$_tag}(=.*?)?\](.*?)\[\/{$_tag}\]/is", array($this, &#39;_createTableCell&#39;), $txt); Hope this helps!
  8. Any chance of being able to edit usergroups (that is, changing the groups that a specific member belongs to) from the front-end? The inability to just click on a user and change their usergroups is quite frustrating. Or just a link from the front-end profile to the related admin user edit page would be nice. Something to connect the two, so that I don't have to copy and paste user names from one browser tab to another!
  9. Agreed, even just a quick link from a public profile to the relevant Admin side editing screen would be helpful. It feels rather disjointed at the moment.
  10. Will the time limit be customisable? I would think my server can cope with this pretty easily and three minutes seems too long between checks. Also when you actually hit reply it should do a final check and qarn the user about new replies. Otherwise this is really a waste of time becuase it will still miss new replies. I'd also ideally like to see the option for it to run as soon as the page loads.
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