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  1. Quick question

    If i bought the full license approximatly now, how long should i wait before i can fully use my ipb? I guess someone needs to activate the license or something like that, right?
  2. About old ipboard

    didnt it cost less when it was at 2.3.* version?
  3. About old ipboard

    Is it actually 149.99$ to buy a license ? Isn't there anyway to get it cheaper then IPS?
  4. About old ipboard

    Hello! I have a question about the old version and its licenses. 1.Is it possible to get a license for the old version? 2.Do you actually need a license for the old version? 3.Can i even get the old version? I googled and the version i am talking about is 2.3.* i guess that was the last old version.