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  1. you spelt your site wrong on your profile

  2. My ipboard forum

    If you havent read, the staff and others are off for December 24-27, only supporting Critical Errors, you should receive it by tomorrow.
  3. Dumb DB Error >.< I dont know whats causing it

  4. Anyone know a good custom skin designer site? That they use flash

  5. Goodbye Crappy Hostgator and Come on Dedicated Server With Shark Tech :D

  6. After 3 Days of Finding what was wrong with my site...i had to restart it completly

    1. VioAdmin


      You couldn't even save the Database? What happened? Sorry for your loss!

    2. xCurlyx


      devil u didnt have to restart lmao..

  7. So like how much does it cost for it?

  8. I lost my site :(

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    2. iDeViL
    3. ørret


      Aka own server. Most people run shared servers. A ddos will then affect everyone on that server.

    4. Jake Sully

      Jake Sully

      well DeMoN Gamer hade a hosted IPB package and not IP.standard license so he cant host hes IPB anywhere ellse than at IPB untill he buys a IP.standard license.

  9. Can some one approve my ticket!

    1. Collin S.

      Collin S.

      Status Updates aren't a support method - Support will get to you shortly. Billing and Accounts are only open M-F.

    2. Jake Sully

      Jake Sully

      Yepp Collin S. is right :)