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  1. A very useful update to IPB would be a post history log. Sometimes something happens in a topic that's not really how we want it, but even before mods/admins notice it the post has already been edited by the poster and the mod has no possibility to view the post's history. So that is my suggestion to a future release of IPB, would really appreciate that. Jeffrey
  2. I may also have noticed a bug: I just banned a test-member, first for only 5 hours, after that I banned him indefinitely. When I login as admin and check the warn logs I see that the member got two warnings, but in the column suspended it never said Yes, it keeps saying none. Also a temporary ban does not put the member in the list of banned members (members => manage banned members), so there is no way for an admin to notice a temporary ban? Also, there should really be a change in usergroup or something else (add (banned) after the username, ...) so that moderators can see which users are banned. Now they just remain in the members-group and nothing seems to change on the forum so for the mods this is very confusing to see if the member is actually banned or not. Any plans on fixing/implementing this in a near-future release?
  3. Hi guys, I have been trying the trial version of your software for a few days, I'm impressed but I got some serious issues and suggestions for the warning system: - Moderators cannot give a custom level warning and I can't seem to find an option to enable it. The only thing I have found is that super moderators can do that, but I would like to see an option allowing normal moderators to give custom level warnings too. - When a member gets banned, it would be nice if he would automatically join the 'banned' membergroup. Now, he just remains in the member-status and it is very confusing for the moderator to see if he is actually banned or not. - In the ACP, the warn logs need some big improvements. Now it is impossible to see which moderator banned which user and how long he is banned. Also, in the manage banned members, there is nog enough information regarding the duration of his ban, the banning moderator, etc. This is very confusing for the admins to hold track of his moderators. - Also when viewing a member profile in the ACP, there is nowhere to be found an section to alter his banstatus. You can only notice it in the search results as 'members (banned)', but it would be nice to get some ban details in the user profile in the ACP. - Some preset warnings would be nice, for example: '[2 pts] Spamming'. These presets should be managed in the ACP, it would make the objective moderation of all moderators a easier task. - When a moderator warns a person, it would be nice if this could be mailed to an administrator so that he can easily hold track of his moderators actions. - A setting that allows a warning point(s) to be auto-decreased after a period of time would be nice. - As admin, in the ACP you cannot see the reason for a warning if the moderator didnt contact the warned user. The warn system has some good stuff, but it could use an intensive renovation because it is lacking some stuff now. Thx!
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