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  1. Something from wordpress or something, but thats not from me or something, that's standard with IPB it seems, but it doens't work...
  2. I think it is an error in IPB or something, there are images like: i2.wp.com/www.*domain.com*/public/style_images/master/profile/default_large.png And can't fnd an setting to change this URL.
  3. I know but will try it now with gravatar, but members without an gravatar doesn't get an 'standard image', is there an fix?
  4. I know, space is no problem but i can't check every avatar on piracy or other rights. Remote hosted then it is nog my problem. But gravatar will do it. PS: How can i fix the 'image error' when someone has no gravatar?
  5. Oke, thats maybe an option, but linking to sites a imgur is nog possible with 3.3.*?
  6. Guys, My forum is growing the last months and a huge amount of members have there avatars on my server, no problem for the data or something but yesterday i received an DMCA warning about an avatar from one of my members... Yeah i its possible. I know in older versions (And vB) it was possible to host avatars on other services (Imgur ....) but can't find that function in the new panel. Is the function completely removed? Thanks.
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