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  1. If I've read every post, I want zero search results.
  2. Oh I give up, it's not that bloody hard to understand.
  3. Glad I helped you. I think the key point which hopefully is clear, is twofold: 1) the documentation could be much easier to find, going so far as to spoon feed it to people in an email welcoming them, or in a BIG LINK on the client area, which shows a menu of resources 2) some of the documentation presumes the user understands basic concepts like that skins are a single XML file that you can download from a variety of sources, some paid, some not, etc. Thus the doco could be improved, too.
  4. In case anyone is confused, what I want is a NEW LINK that shows UNREAD POSTS only. You can keep the 'show new content' link as is, since many people in IPB community like it. We've come around from original request to change how it works, to now asking for a new feature which provides a commonly-requested search. This is what phpBB/vBulletin users are accustomed to, and it's very handy.
  5. IP.Blog 2.3 Development Update

    I feel good about having chosen IPB as the platform too. I'm tempted to convert my non-profit phpBB site to use it too, just for its awesomeness.
  6. I think what I want makes a lot of sense, and it doesn't seem too hard for a developer to understand intent. If there are many people happy with current behaviour, then my request simply changes to being "add a new link which shows unread".
  7. Mod Notifications

    Seems to be working for me in 3.1.3
  8. Content based!

    Looks like a fair assessment. I haven't looked into the Wordpress - IPB bridge either. For wordpress/forum integration, I wrote a detailed post analysing options some time ago, but excluded commercial packages. You still might find it useful. The key questions to work out is whether you want (a) visual style integration between wordpress and forums, and/or (b) singular comment/forum reply system rather than wordpress comments on posts with a separate set of forums, and/or © single-sign on so wordpress comments and forum replies use same User ID name/password. Understanding those will help you make the right decision. For my new project, we went with the IPB portal, which is pulling out excerpts from forum posts which we flag. We chose this instead of wordpress/forum integration. Thus we have a singular forum system, singular comments, it allows unregistered users to comment on posts (very neat, actually, IPB implementation for guest replies is excellent) and we retain a singular conversation around each piece of content. Another factor for us is that the upcoming version of IP.Content will absolutely nail content with forum replies. I don't know how far off it is, maybe less than two months. You'll be able to promote forum posts into Content, and have integrated replies. It should be really compelling. Knowing that is coming, gave me a lot of confidence; if we needed a lot more content-driven content we could buy the IP Content software in the future. We decided that the IPB platform including its upcoming features is the safest bet overall for our purposes.
  9. Content based!

    If you want a free dream, self-integrate Drupal with phpBB. If you want polish, then buy IPB with IP.Content on a monthly hosting package. It's not so expensive. Bear in mind, I'm just another customer, not official company.
  10. Content based!

    That's correct. The built-in portal is just a window into your forums. It's not a content management system like IP Content. IP Content is a separate product which integrates neatly with IP Board. You need both; IP Content does not work on its own. The [url=" Blog also has some good information on what the future versions of Content and Gallery will contain, by the way. I found it helpful when deciding whether to use IPB or not.
  11. Content based!

    My site uses the built-in portal. I'm not using ip content. Have a look. Mmoleader.com
  12. I've discussed one aspect of this in my thread about wanting a '[url=" unread posts' feature. Just cross-linking here. I also found this thread on a similar topic.