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  1. @Mark that was just an example. Take a look at IPS\File. Almost all the methods there have non-descriptive docblocks. /** * "Un"-obscure the filename * * @param string $filename The filename * @return string */ protected function unObscureFilename( $filename )I still have no idea what the above method does. It's just an observation. If you guys find that comfortable to work with be my guest. I'm just trying to make my own life easier (and that of other developers)
  2. I think it would be very beneficial for extension developers to have some sort of proper API we can look into. The source code is poorly documented and really hard to follow. How is putting "make request" in the docblock for a method called "makeRequest()" ever going to explain anything to a new set of eyes on the code? The documentation in the IPS4 resources is semi-ok but nearly not up to par what I am used to from other projects. Not even my IDE has any idea what is going on. Either way, an API schema would be nice. Just my 5 cents. Oh and some more interaction with the actual IPB developers would be nice too, so we can ask questions and actually get a response. I spent ages to figure out something that was super simple.
  3. Several points of feedback

    still curious if anyone (maybe a dev) knows the answers to 2 and 3
  4. I'm currently testing IPS4 on my local dev environment and there are a couple of things I am missing. Perhaps I just couldn't find them.. Here's the list Forum stats. Where are they? I'm talking about "Who's online" and "Latest members" and "Member Statistics".IPS Connect slave callback url. Currently IPB assumes that the slave is always an instance of IPB and calls back to the ipsconnect.php file on the slave url. Is there a way to explicitly state what the end point url should be for the slave application? Otherwise I would have to make all these unnecessary directories and create a new ipsconnect.php file to handle all the API requests.Is there a way to delete ips connect slaves from the UI? Sometimes I change the key or the domain which requires manual deletion from my SQL editor.I don't know.. it seems that ips4 has been over simplified.. it feels like I'm missing a lot.
  5. @Kirito how did you get ip.board to work on your machine? I get a blank page when trying to install. I'm running hhvm with nginx. Do you have some config examples?
  6. Ah now it works! But it was disabled to start with... how do I enable it for all users without them having to do so?
  7. Yeah the notification part still does NOT work. Should I just try re-installing it?
  8. For some reason the notification part doesn't work... any help with that? Someone mentioned me and I didn't get a notification.
  9. How much tweaking can we legally do?

    as far as i know you can do anything that you want with it. That's why there are mods in the download section. They modify stuff in IPB. You can make a whole other system out of it, as long as you hold a valid license to use the code on your server.
  10. i'm not sure if you understand the entire concept of a forum. It's there to build a community. When I look at your forum it's just such a broad and vague target that it's not going to work.
    I have animekyun.com and it took me almost half a year to get some good posting going. The main thing is that you need to post A LOT yourself and have GOOD CONTENT on your forum. P...