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  1. Seen this work only on 2 sites and the site owners had to pay for it before it no longer said.... "Loading....."
  2. True point thats my bad I was up till 4am central time zone... so I was tired... Visit our community: HERE
  3. This is what I have in main ipb_styles.css .ipsComment_author, .ipsComment_reply_user { width: 160px; text-align: right; padding: 0 10px; float: left; line-height: 1.3; } .author_info { width: 155px; float: left; font-size: 12px; text-align: center; padding: 10px 10px; line-height: 150%; } .author_info .group_title { color: #5a5a5a; margin-top: 5px; } .author_info .member_title { margin-bottom: 5px; word-wrap: break-word; } .author_info .group_icon { margin-bottom: 3px; } So which one is causing the issue I do not know.
  4. We are having a small issue we can't figure out what's causing this issue...
  5. This is not working with the Latest version of 3.3 I have it enabled and I've put the topic to pull the feed from and nothing display's ... I've set the permissions and everything 100% but I'm still getting nothing..
  6. works great on our community website... Can you make one that you can login with your EA username... aka [Login With Origin] ??? We run a gaming community I would like options to be availible to the community! Thanks,
  7. ucjohn is a vital part of our IPB Community site... Awesome at setting stuff up and fixing issues... Thanks ucjohn for being a part of Blood Zone Community

  8. Any update on this? Really looking forward for this plugin for 3.3.x
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