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  1. that's not a good idea. Do you want to stay with a world-class job? grab your ass and request custom theme with option "button" to switch between dark and light mode.
  2. might as well read this topic 😉
  3. maybe in an alternate universe, IPS uses the AngularJS 🤔
  4. because members don't trust, also there is a high risk of cheating frauds using the subscription with commerce, people know patreon as platform to reach funds, all risk is passed on the patreon site, so this is the best way
  5. finally, someone who has done this plugin 💕 Can we expect the patreon login function? for those members who do not have account at the forum but they have account on the patreon, to automatically create account and assign to the current group? your plugin is based on the APIv1 or API v2?
  6. Do you have any link with the demo of this project manager?
  7. similarly, I am looking for this solution, but any use of widgetContainer with different id than header, footer and sidebar makes error: "Couldn't save block positions" when trying to put any widget on the custom area It is a pity that can't set own widgets area, like in the cms
  8. exactly the same, in the community there are people has a sickening feeling in his stomach to spend 15$ in addon only to add some links to the footer
  9. What's the use of having Clubs tab without content? should be an option to hide empty clubs in profile of course, we need to do option with switch default tab 'Activity' to another tab Albums or About Me
  10. There are many cool free new icons in FA5 and they updated a lot of icons from v4 yup I know is difficult to do in a short time, but it must have in a future update
  11. That's amazing I still can't figure out what I'm looking at good work!
  12. maybe post the project on freelancer.com I remember one member found the developer there for Payssion Gateway https://www.freelancer.com/projects/graphic-design/looking-invision-power-board-expert https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8192-payssion-gateway/
  13. the bounce domains and sending with DKIM-signing works great, so why it will be removed?
  14. @All Astronauts I want to report https:// ipbdesign .com/files/file/377-kitchen-sink what that it happened there? also there is Sound Board and Spacious ACP/Spacious Widgets
  15. after first instal there is no problem, but when I uninstall and install again there is missing templates and requires manual revert
  16. @Adriano Faria Can you update this plugin to work with 4.2 ?
  17. Hi @John Peay the best way is using a fontawesome icon into groups title I use IPS 4.2.1 Step 1 go to Members > Groups > "Edit group" there is an option called Group Formatting, change to html and put code example for first input: <span style='color:#ff0000'><i class="fa fa-bolt"></i> second input: </span> save it results in ACP: before after and on board before after Step 2 install this plugin: and then on board looks that before after have fun
  18. ofcourse I know that, I read the whole article. I provide only themes and I don't interfere to client ACP and Community but when customer found that options in 4.2, in this case I will need to customize that
  19. I'm talking about projects with advanced graphics like this I created: when I created a Custom IPS 4 Theme for customer I didn't to act on the grid mode because customers didn't need it but now this option will be available for users and I will need to adjust in the next works and it will be extra work
  20. Theme designers will have one more thing to customization I feel that the prices of the custom themes will increase
  21. @Sergey your version looks like more thoughtful @Andy design it isnt revelant, there is a some disproportion with left and right side
  22. That sounds absolutely great every new innovative feature and IPS Community works much better, just wait for a large update
  23. I'm sure everyone else is just as excited
  24. it was nice to see this option in Commerce and my list of some improvements for Commerce currencies: - option to choose which payment methods can use a specific currency - default currency for single product (it can be displayed as first currency, what will seen on product page) - to checkout page, for members add option to give the opportunity to choose/select a currency what they can use
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