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Status Updates posted by A Zayed

  1. the road to nowhere counting down GIF by Radical Face

    Day #15 in home isolation...

    1 day here is 100 on earth. 

  2. Tested positive for coronavirus today, sorry not to reply support requests last days. 

    Wish me luck with this pandemic. 

    1. DJ ZAh

      DJ ZAh

      Oh man.. very sorry to hear that.  PLEASE take care of yourself.  LOTS of vitamins and I believe some shots of whisky helped my dad beat it and he's almost 80.

  3. I'd like to apologize for anyone PMing me recently and I reply late.

    I'm having some tough restrictions in services (Including internet) due to lock down caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

    Stay safe! I hope all goes well!

  4. Congrats Joel

    rhyming leonardo dicaprio GIF

    1. Joel R

      Joel R

      Thank you @A Zayed! 

  5. Today is the last chance to catch the black Friday sales, don't miss it... :wink:

  6. In military service, not available :)

  7. In military service, not available for about one month from now :)

    1. ZiaulHoque


      oh sir , i need you urgent

  8. What's new in Beta 3 ?

  9. Where can I get a blank 3.2 header image?

  10. Won't IPS embed the Google +1 button into IPB 3.2?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gamerboy59
    3. TheRevTastic


      Oh please no, that google +1 thing is stupid imho.

    4. dogpatch


      its no stupider than a facebook like

  11. Looks better

  12. I'm proud to be Egyptian :) , a revolution story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-2fP5P10oY

  13. Waiting 4 IPB 3.2 :)

    1. GoldDust


      few weeks yet me thinks!

    2. AlexJ


      Few weeks? Couple of months min...

    3. Sammy Nicole

      Sammy Nicole

      It will come out....

      ...when it's ready.

  14. Egypt, Sweet EGYPT :)

  15. I love EGYPT :) :) :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Breadfan


      <sings> Snow Queen of Texas.. </sings>

    3. ModdersHome
    4. A Zayed

      A Zayed

      Every thing gonna be alright soon :)

  16. 127 member(s) have a birthday today :D :D

    1. Claudia999


      and so much are now 31 or 41 ;)

    2. .Ian


      I hate sites that think they have a right to know your DOB. So I always go for Jan 1st 1900 of thereabouts.

    3. A Zayed
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