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  1. Show Signatures Once [Support]

    Just tested it on 4.2.2 and went fine with no issues
  2. can you plz check your PM

  3. Dropdown Grouped Profile Fields

    I see, away from the plugin... The custom fields will be visible to guests although you deny access to profile pages in ACP.
  4. Dropdown Grouped Profile Fields

    There's another plugin for this purpose:
  5. Restricted PMs

    Version 1.0.0


    I've developed this according to customer request. With this hook, you can control who can PM staff members & who can't. You can select specific groups that can communicate (Start & Receive PMs) only with specific groups... --------------------- Hook Example: Members can only Send Messages to Admins, members can't communicate with each other.


  6. Version 1.2.1


    Simple hook to allow admins to assign background & border colors for each user group... Please be noted that: This hook overwrites the built-in function of post highlight. Versions below 1.2.0 support 4.1, above 1.2.0 support 4.2+


  7. New: Clubs

    Just Awesome
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This hook will add Facebook Comments plugin to board articles that the users will have the ability to comment on articles using their Facebook accounts. Note: you should create Facebook app first (Read More...). This is a very basic version... It's planned to include more features in the future according to your suggestions. facebook comments on topics plugin


  9. Dropdown Grouped Profile Fields

    Just upgraded my community to and tested the plugin, it works with no issue... Have you tried to clear your website cache files? Does this issue appear with default IPS skin?
  10. Any update for adblock blocker?

  11. Dropdown Grouped Profile Fields

    Could I've closer look?
  12. Copyright Notice On Copying

    Should be fixed in the new version (1.0.2) please check it and feedback.
  13. Dropdown grouped fields should not run query if the groupID field is empty ;)

  14. Hello.

    Adblock detector... The overlay background isn't working. It's just 100% or 0%