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Downloads posted by A Zayed

  1. $10.00

    Remind Users to Update Their Email

    This file will show a remind window for the groups you select asking them to update their email address with an option to dismiss the message.
    Plugin Settings:
    Message Title Popup Message / Normal Message Message Content Change Mail Button Text Dismiss Button Text Groups to Remind Remind User After (Days) If user changed his email, the message won't display again...
    If user chooses to dismiss the message, It'll be displayed again after an amount of days you determine from plugin settings.

    6 purchases   9 downloads

       (1 review)


  2. $7.25

    Topics With No Replies Sidebar Widget

    This plugin will display topics with no replies in a sidebar widget with the following settings:
    Number of topics Groups Permissions Forums to pull topics from Topics ordering (Desc, Asc, Random). The ability to exclude topics created before certain day. This plugin supports both IPS 4 versions (IPS 4.1 & IPS 4.2)

    17 purchases   26 downloads

       (2 reviews)


  3. $2.50

    Threads Count In Topic View

    This plugin will display total number of topics that post author has started in topic view...

    10 purchases   16 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  4. $7.50

    Post Formatting per User Group

    Simple hook to allow admins to assign background & border colors for each user group...
    Please be noted that:
    This hook overwrites the built-in function of post highlight. Versions below 1.2.0 support 4.1, above 1.2.0 support 4.2+

    12 purchases   32 downloads

       (1 review)


  5. $9.99

    Enhanced AdBlock Blocker

    With this plugin you will be able to detect AdBlock browser plugin that blocks your website ads.
    It will display a block message that will disable all website if the user didn't disable his AdBlocker....
    This plugin comes with these features:
    1- Select user groups that will be blocked if the enabled AdBlocker.
    2- Choose if you need to cover website page by overlay black page and adjust its opacity + FadeIn time.
    3- Choose if you need to disable the vertical navigation scroll bar.
    4- Message Header Text.
    5- Message Body Text (Full CKE).
    6- Button Text.
    The block message will only disappear if the user disabled AdBlocker in his browser.
    This's a very basic initial release, and it's planned to add more features according to your suggestions...

    36 purchases   62 downloads

       (4 reviews)


  6. $6.00

    Facebook Comments on Topics

    This hook will add Facebook Comments plugin to board topics that the users will have the ability to comment on topics using their Facebook accounts.
    Note: you should create Facebook app first (Read More...).
    This is a very basic version... It's planned to include more features in the future according to your suggestions.
    This file supports IPS4.1 & IPS4.2

    17 purchases   28 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  7. $7.50

    Topic Starter Info In Topic View

    This plugin will display a horizontal badge under member name in topic view indicating topic starter...

    26 purchases   59 downloads

       (3 reviews)


  8. $10.00

    Restricted PMs

    I've developed this according to customer request.
    With this hook, you can control who can PM staff members & who can't.
    You can select specific groups that can communicate (Start & Receive PMs) only with specific groups...
    Hook Example: Members can only Send Messages to Admins, members can't communicate with each other.

    3 purchases   4 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  9. $10.00

    jQuery Recent Topics Ticker

    Displays recent topics in board index with nice jQuery effect. The widget has the following features:

       - Add Block Title
       - Select user groups that can view recent topics.
       - Select number of topics to tick.
       - which forums to pull data from.
    This is an initial release, it's supposed to have more enhancements depending on your feedback and suggestions.
    3.4 free release here

    20 purchases   60 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  10. $7.00

    Copyright Notice On Copying

    Simply, This plugin will inject text into any post copied from your site (by "Ctrl+C" or "Right Clicking then Copy")...
    When I user copies (Ctrl+C) this content:
    "lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" When the user paste (CTRL+V), the content will be (for example):
    "lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" Read more here : Some URL This's very useful to get a backlink to your site...
    Many thanks @EricT for introducing this idea.

    9 purchases   19 downloads

       (2 reviews)


  11. $10.00

    Facebook Comments on Articles

    This hook will add Facebook Comments plugin to board articles that the users will have the ability to comment on articles using their Facebook accounts.
    Note: you should create Facebook app first (Read More...).
    This is a very basic version... It's planned to include more features in the future according to your suggestions.
    facebook comments on topics plugin

    2 purchases   2 downloads

       (1 review)


  12. $12.00

    Dropdown Grouped Profile Fields

    This plugin displays custom profile field groups as dropdowns in author info pane, with the opportunity to exclude any group fields.
    It will convert this:

    Into this:

    19 purchases   57 downloads

       (1 review)


  13. $5.00

    Reputation required to give reputation

    Gives you the power to specify how many points should user have to be able to give reputation to other members or Like content.
    If the doesn't have the minimum number of reputation points you already specified... an error message will show up indicating required number of points.
    IPS3.2+ Version: https://invisionpower.com/files/file/6621-zoz-reputation-required-to-give-reputation/

    2 purchases   5 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  14. $5.00

    Users Awaiting Admin Approval Counter

    This plugin will add a small notification badge in admin user bar to show number of users awaiting admin validation (Manual Approval).
    On badge click, the admin is redirected to admin/members section...
    This's an initial release, and assumed to have more enhancements in the future depending on your feedback and suggestions.

    29 purchases   46 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  15. $10.00

    Old IPS3.2 Classic Skin

    Now you can make your community run on IPS4.1 with the old look of IPS3.2...
    This skin supports all IPS4.1 functions dressed in IPS3.2. [Mainly developed according to client request]
    Suggestions and feedback are more than welcome.
    For live preview: www.4ipb.com/forums/

    7 purchases   9 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  16. $10.00

    Sliding Upcoming Events Widget

    This plugin will display upcoming events with a nice jQuery sliding effect:

    23 purchases   30 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  17. $2.99

    Last Post Info in Mobile View

    This little plugin will display last post info in responsive/phone/tablet view...

    2 purchases   3 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  18. $5.00

    Show Signature Once per Topic

    With this plugin signatures will be displayed under the first post for each user in each topic... This is useful for those whom suffer from very long signatures or signatures that could contain videos, music players etc...
    - One setting to exclude forums from this restriction.

    6 purchases   8 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  19. Free

    Display Member Group in Messenger

    This plugin will display member group in messenger in two locations (as you choose):
    - Below Member Name
    - Beside Member Name


       (1 review)


  20. Free

    Rainbow on Link Hover

    This plugin will make all links over your community act like a rainbow when link is hovered.
    Sorry for demo poor quality
    IPB3.2+ Version: https://invisionpower.com/files/file/6534-zoz-rainbow-links/


       (2 reviews)