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  1. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    Ryan thanks a lot for taking the time to reply. Unfortunately the prefixes being the same thing as tags is not enough for someone like me who is trying to move from a very customized vbulletin site. There are just not enough functions to categorize content. Let's hope IPS will also provide some more things to play around as far as prefixes/tags/etc are concerned...
  2. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    I have a couple of questions for this mod, looks like it might work for me. 1. Does this mod allow you to have prefixes as a separate entity from tags? I mean, when you create the prefixes in the prefix manager, I understand they ALSO show up in the tags list, is this correct? And if so, is there any way to have the prefixes as a completely separate system from tags? 2. When you enter a forum that the threads have prefixes, is there a built-in function where you can filter the threads by a selected prefix? Thanks :)
  3. With 3.2 having support for tags (even though prefixes also would be nice ) , does IPS have any plans to include into the converter from vbulletin also a TAGS convert? Actually, I thought this would already be included in the converters. Thanks.
  4. ' alt='' class='ipsImage' >' alt='' class='ipsImage' >' alt='' class='ipsImage' > ' alt='' class='ipsImage' >' alt='' class='ipsImage' >' alt='' class='ipsImage' > ' alt='' class='ipsImage' >' alt='' class='ipsImage' >' alt='' class='ipsImage' > ' alt='' class='ipsImage' >' alt='' class='ipsImage' >' alt='' class='ipsImage' > I will get back to you sir after I go live with my site on IPS, hopefully to impress upon you. :)
  5. They are doing an insanely good job. Give them a raise. :)
  6. A few months ago, I came here very carefully, after being with vbulletin for many many years and many many forums, to make a test of the product + company by converting one of my small forums to IPB. I had a great experience then with the staff that was surprisingly helpful comparing to "what I was used to". So after that successful experiment, I decided to make a big move and plan the conversion of my largest and most customized site to IPB also. During the past week, I made a test conversion to see how it all plays out, and the response from the support team was nothing short of excellent. I had some serious issues that were not a "click to fix" for them, and they still provided support I wasn't expecting. I now know that I made the best decision moving from vbulletin, and plan to move all of my sites and invest in the future sites also in IPS. I felt compelled to write these few lines, since we -as internet users- rarely make positive comments in public, we only nag when left hanged out to dry. Wonderful job you are doing guys, I hope you keep this up.
  7. Vbulletin move to Invision

    Thanks Ryan for the immediate reply. Of course we will have .htaccess, I can provide anything that we will need. For photopost , we have just standard url's there, vbseo does not interfere there, so we should be good to go. I will do some testing first and I might request some support there before I try to work on the live site. Regards
  8. Ok the time has come. A few months back I moved one of my small forums from vb > IPB and now I am ready to move my main site also. However, since this is my main focus right now in my everyday life, I need to ask you a few questions , I know the answers won't be black/white, but I am hoping for sincerity here. My site does 200.000 visits per month, 77% of which comes from google, from more than 80.000 keywords. I am using VBSEO mind you. So I am very concerned regarding two things: 1. Is it possible to redirect my links (that are powered by vbseo) to IPB ? And how will I do that since I got not default vbulletin links but vbseo links? I am willing to pay for the conversion service if this can be done by you. 2. What do you think my google traffic will do after the move? Drop and stay dropped? Drop and recover? etc. For this, I would also welcome opinions from other members that have gone through the same path again (vbulletin with vbseo > ipb) And one extra question for fun: 3. I got my gallery with more than 23.000 photos in PHOTOPOST. I see in the conversion page that you support photopost > ip.Gallery also. Does this include redirection links for the photos/albums etc also? or just the move? Thanks
  9. I have the same issue, board version 3.1.4 , I suppose there is no fix for this? EDIT: Nevermind, issue is fixed, check post #167 for solution.
  10. Recent Posts (Portal Plugin)

    Thanks for the hook. Is there any way to have the unread posts with bold or with a small image in front of them ?
  11. LOL!!! Thanks a lot!! Glad to be here!

  12. Welcome to the IPB Family! First Comment! Weeeeeee

  13. Yeah I already found that one, thanks for the reply though. :thumbsup:
  14. Well from what i've seen so far I have decided to buy a full IPB suite and move one of my vb forums to IPB and see how that goes!!! I'd like to thank staff here for their quick responses to my presales. Will be back for support :P
  15. That's great. So I could use IP.Gallery for photos, and create a database like the demo media section in the IP.Content, to have my video gallery there. Cool!!