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  1. Subscriptions Manager

    Hmmm, is this no longer supported?
  2. Subscriptions Manager

    We are approaching the end of our initial oen year subscriptiosn for many memebrs of our site. I want to make sur ethey will get their email notification. So I setup a subscription for a testa ccount and set it to expire tomorrow. I ran the Manually ran the Subscription Expiration Notification task to see if it would email the test account. It does not. That was yesterday. now the testa ccoutn expires today and I ran the task again, no luck. Email functionality of the forum is working properly as users are receiving email notifications for other things, bulk email works, etc etc. Any suggestions on how I might test this to verify it will work?
  3. Subscriptions Manager

    I am disheartened to see the comments directed towards you. Because of your generous efforts in maintaining the subscriptions software, one of our sites is able to easily collect a couple thousand dollars worth of membership fees. Otherwise, we would have all sorts of hassle doing this. I, for one, THANK YOU for your efforts. I truly understand not using the software. A lot of us IT folk simply make sure something works and support it if it doesn't. It is our end users who use the software and become experts in it. If an error comes up, and the software is as it was originally designed, then we can work to resolve an issue. Thanks again Michael!
  4. Topic Preview On Hover

    It's fine man, relax. The first time I asked, you could have just told me it is not meant for phones. That would have been fine and I would have understood and not proceeded further. With that being said, consider this done. Certainly not meaning to be "giving grief"! :) But I'll answer your questions to give you some feedback. The normal preview functions just fine on phones. Can be opened and closed. As for why use the full site on phones, I find that the majority of our users tend to prefer to full site experience on phones as they get more out of it that way. Have a nice weekend and thanks for the feedback as usual.
  5. Topic Preview On Hover

    That seems a bit rude..... But OK. I had several folks stop by and test it there to see if it happened on the topic preview popup. Had them all try other hover popups as well. I thought you were wanting people to try it to see if it was only on the topic preview hover popup or on all hover popups. Well, it is only on the topic preview one both there and on our site. Sorry for providing you with the information you requested.
  6. Topic Preview On Hover

    Yep, we are able to replicate the issue there too. On iPhone 4 & an Evo.
  7. Topic Preview On Hover

    Since you asked, we tested on several types of phones to see if it happens when in a topic clicking on a member's name above their photo. It takes us directly to the user's profile as expected from a phone. Rather than pop up the hover card for the member's information. Any other hover cards we might test?
  8. Topic Preview On Hover

    On the version for 3.3 - Some users are noticing on smart phones using the full version of our site that clicking on a topic title brings up the hover preview. On some phones it locks up the browser. On others, the preview can't be closed and you must select View Latest Unread to go into the topic.
  9. I have that set to no and they still show up. In online users list, in users reading this topic, etc.
  10. Portal

    Perfect, thanks!
  11. Portal

    I use the portal plugin to do it. Not even sure what the "new custom blocks" is. :)
  12. Really dislike the fact that these can't be hidden from users now. Also they really clutter the online users list and skew the total online number. I also remember being able to hide these form the online list in the past, but can't any longer.
  13. Portal

    Still pulls pinned topics along with non-pinned topics.
  14. Portal

    Thanks, will try it soon!
  15. Subscriptions Manager

    Thanks, that last bit is very helpful! I went ahead and set it to three days ahead.