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  1. Download: DustBlue [codegame.net]

    Nevermind. Turned out it was using the images from the old skin. Had to change it in the skin settings and all is good now.
  2. Download: DustBlue [codegame.net]

    I have the same problems listed above. Transparent popups and message box etc. Also white box for new posts. I have the newest skin version and my IPB version is 3.4.2
  3. Download: BlackStream

    I recently installed this skin. It looks great thx!!! One problem I have is in chat. The area where you type is black, so you cant see what your typing. Can you please help me to fix this? Any help will be very much appreciated!!!
  4. Trader Feedback System

    You did a great job mate! It's very very much appreciated. Both by me and everyone on my site. Thanks Steve
  5. Trader Feedback System

    I worked out how to get the icons to show. I had to put the feedback images folder in the folder for the skin I am using. But still cant work out how to or if I can retrieve all the feedback I lost.
  6. Trader Feedback System

    I upgraded my forum software and the trader feedback system to the latest versions. I now have lost all the previous feedback. Is their a way I can retrieve it? Also the icon's dont show in the feedback statistics section. http://gamerdungeon.com.au/index.php?/feedback/ Any help will be very much appreciated!
  7. Trader Feedback System

    Ive been using this for a while now. I'm still using IPB 3.1.2 and want to upgrade to the latest version. Will I loose all the trader feedback when doing this?
  8. Trader Feedback System

    Hey mate I just bought this for my site. http://gamerdungeon.com.au/ My problem is when you submit feedback there is an error message. The feedback still goes through but it happens every time. Also if you mod a feedback same thing happens. Plz help me. Cheers Falcon