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  1. I agree, why not use tabs to give each more screen space?
  2. I also get a fair amount of this.
  3. Mike, Is there a way to see which payment gateway/type was used for each individual donation?
  4. When you merge a member, it uses the join date of the account that will remain, but often the other account is a duplicate account that is older. Most users when asked prefer to keep the new account info, as it is more current to them, but shouldn't the software use the joined date from the older account as the permanent join date?
  5. These are the two for which I get repeated requests.
  6. I'm using it on a 3.3.4 & 3.4.4 version. It functions fine on both. I just think the author made a poor choice in hard coding the block title, and also in not taking advantage of an ips button class for the "change setting" link. If it gets updated by the original author, or is taken over by someone I hope they address these two cosmetic issues.
  7. Oops forgot to mention that. Yes, first thing I did when I discovered issue.
  8. In IPS Gallery, the java pop up window is not visible/called when clicking on view EXIF properties & Share links. This is on a different board then you looked at yesterday, aa I don't have Gallery on that one.
  9. Has this been fixed?
  10. When you resize the chat room window to half screen or smaller, the chat room doesn't re size properly. It just adds a horizontal slider and cuts off the list off users in chat. I have tried it in Chrome & Firefox. I have several users who actually change off your themes just to use chat room. This also happens on the Glare skin. Tested on both 3.4.4 & 3.3.4.
  11. Same Here. Sometimes it feels like a few days and others weeks, but I visit here almost every day
  12. KitCarl

    Member Map

    Any time frame on when this will be updated to use Bing maps?
  13. I have a parent category set to visible to all member groups, but have all the child menus visible to only certain groups. Why is the tool tip for the parent menu is not visible to the member groups not allowed to see the children? I would like to use it to inform users that only allowed user groups will have access to the child menus. Is there another or better way fro me to do this? P.S. Just downloaded new version. Awesome product!
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