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  1. Hosting on Own Server

    The IRC plugin that exists right now quite frankly sucks. It's based on Java which is a whole other bag of worms, for n00bs that don't know what Java is they see a warning pop up on their screen warning them on the dangers, click on NO or CANCEL thinking they would be doing something wrong if they allowed it, then complain to the site admin when it doesn't work. IP.Chat has too many short comings to use in my own situation it's just too limited in it's functionality. If someone is up to it I would love to see a module built for IPB based on a webclient called Iris or Qwebirc, which is based on Python rather than Java, which means no special requirements or prompts from the users end.
  2. Personally I would love to see this feature eliminated from the core IPS product space as I feel it is a waste of space, and really should be an add on. I'll bet if you do a poll few sites would actually have a use for it, the dev time would be better invested in improving the core of the IPB product.
  3. Ready to buy IP.Content ?

    I'm in the process of changing a site over from Joomla/Jomsocial/PhpBB3/Jfusion, to say the least it's an awkward setup, to get the most out of ipcontent you need some php/html skills (I don't) but I didn't need much modification from the default but I am slowly going to change that over time as my level of experience increases, IPC is really nothing like Joomla in the way it works, if you are looking for ease of use seriously forget it, but IPC on the up side offers far more options, if you bare with it for a while, you will get the hang of it slowly. I have no beef with any of the previous products I was using, I think they are all outstanding solutions, but Invision software just fits together better, and easier to maintain, Phpbb3 worked great for us, the forum wasn't the reason for the change, only the simple fact that Invision fits better together.
  4. Are there any Skin designers, that also do ipcontent skins as part of their day to day business?

  5. Try an IRCd daemon with a webchat client like iris. (Free)

  6. I agree with Ryan R. Bring on a single template across ipcontent along with the rest of IPS products.

  7. I don't come from a background of using VB, but Joomla/Phpbb3.. I chose IPS simply because of the level of service they provide, I have posted a couple of forum topics as well as sent off a couple of tickets, they are fast and provide useful info right away, at no point have I felt palmed off by them as I did with VB when I made inquiries with them. Personally I got IPboard/IPcontent/IPgallery/IPblog.. IPcontent is going to be a steep learning curve for me, but I know looking at other sites made with it, ipcontent is going to rock. Also, sign up for a demo and just look how much better polished IPB is over anything VB, when I look at the VB ACP demo it's seriously like stepping into a 90's time warp. As for the conversions, I am trying at the moment to convert my PHPBB3 database, but haven't managed to get it converted successfully as yet, it seems something different is going wrong every time I attempt it, but I think that is more my issue than IPS. So it may well be worth paying the $120 just for the ease of knowing it has been done right. Personally I'm too cheap, but will likley end up getting someone from IPS to save my sanity lol.
  8. Ipblog... Hmmm....

  9. Why IP Board?

    I haven't been an IPS customer for long (only a few days) coming from a phpbb3 background, of what I have seen of it so far, its far nicer than what I used to use or vb.. I played with the vb demo for a couple of days, but really it doesn't even compare to the ipboard ACP..I also purchased ipblog/ipgallery/ipcontent, the more I am learning about them the more I like them.. Buying it is not something I regret.
  10. Well I took the plunge and purchased the software, I've just installed in on my server and just playing with it on a sub domain. It's light years ahead of what we have now, I guess I just have to get a handle on ipcontent first before changing the main site over to it... I think it will be a pretty positive change for us.
  11. Hi Brandon.. Thanks for the reply. I understand what you are saying, and this sounds a great idea, but in the end I also need to be able to add sections to the site sometimes on five minutes notice, I guess I am looking for the sort of flexibility that something like Joomla or Drupal provide without having to invoke any html.. Thus far I really like the invision option, but I am trying to find a way to make it work, but I am having a very hard time in doing so at the moment without having to invoke a developer every time I need it changed beyond something I can do with a copy/paste.
  12. I guess that is another important point, I don't have a budget or any extra money to spend on a developer, I don't mind spending the $120 once up for the conversion process but at the rate I am going right now I simply can not afford a developer..
  13. Hello.. Currently I have a website using Joomla/Jfusion/Jomsocial/phpbb3.. This solution currently works ok for our community, I do not have an axe to grind against any of the software, but I have been looking at other options out there mainly software like ipb, ipcontent, vbulletin publishing suite etc, mainly because they integrate more tightly, features like promote to article from forum, better profiles, galleries, blogs etc. Vbulletin I have been a bit hesitant about, for two reasons, the publishing suite using 100 sql queries to load, but that said many people have also mentioned to me that there is far more mods available for vb as opposed to ipb. Quite frankly I have **NO** php/html/development skills, I can read code and sort of work out what it is trying to do. Some people have mentioned ipcontent would be harder to setup than the vb cms.. Another consideration, I would also need a way to transfer all forum content over from phpbb3 to ipb, I understand I would need to manually transfer all profile info over manually, but we are still a small enough community that this would not be a problem to do over a few days. Just wondering what the feedback of the ipb community might be.