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  1. Upgrader, why you no link to Admin CP?

    Simple annoyance but I notice it every time.
  2. Fantastic set of suggestions, all backed up with sensible and workable ideas. I'd love to see these come into fruition, as security is important and at the moment could be improved. Whilst I'm not saying IPS software is insecure, I do think that it's always possible to improve security and take any steps that we can. I'm a big fan of two-step authentication, and would personally love to see it in widespread use, especially if IPS are the ones to popularise it in community software :wink:
  3. Google Search

    It is after all, a feature, not a piece of core functionality. If it were the default or there was no option to get around it, then yes I'd agree with you. However the fact remains that it would be nothing but an addition, for the benefit of the <50% of the users that are able to or may want to use it. I agree with rgf100 in saying that as long as it is made clear that this shouldn't be used for sites with lots of private content forums that it'd be perfectly acceptable to include the feature.
  4. Google Search

    I'd much prefer a google site search as opposed to the current search system. For anything other than topics/posts, the search system is fantastic and works well, but it falls way short of google's search capability for posts - tonnes of irrelevant results makes it through, even if I search for text that appears in very few topics. Unless this is something that I personally am doing wrong, I feel that it'd be a big advantage to circumvent the search loads entirely and forfeit all the problems by using a google search.
  5. Have you agree with you there, I don't think the font has the right feel for IPS.
  6. A job well done.

    It makes me happy to see another customer sharing the same feelings as me! IPS staff have done a great job with 3.2 and related jobs, keep up the great work, and thanks for the fantastic and easy to use services.