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  1. I agree that 3.1 is hard to skin specially comparing it to 2.3 which was much easier to skin.

    I made a few skins for 2.3 but have not even come close to deciphering 3.1 to be able to make skins.

    This is my feeling exactly. I felt that the learning curve of 3.1/3.0's skinning system was a helluva lot harder than 2.3's.

  2. Honestly I'm not sure why everyone is so concerned... Have you seen what Google pulls? Anyone ever heard of the TiSP? (http://www.google.com/tisp/) ... or for example the whole google "French Military Victories" trick... that was a developer.. Same with like Google Chrome... it does funny things like say "Oh Snap!"

    He's not "complaining" / "concerned" that there was a joke. He's more concerned of the joke being insulting since it's calling him an idiot.
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