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    HY. I am not so familiar with IPB. Could you please tell me where should i have to upload this plugin and is this working for IPB 3.4.6 ? I have tried to uploaded via Hooks but it gave me an error. Thanks.
  2. I second the 3.2 request , we really need this for 3.2 also :sad:
  3. DawPi i am begging for a rss multi-channel release/feature. :angel: Please do it .. please,please,please :frantics:
  4. I second that .. more than one feed is a must. We want to stream different content from different sources in the sidebar. Will buy it if the hook can display more than one stream/channel.
  5. This is an awesome hook. Is there any way to show activity based on date instead of hours? Let's say on a monthly basis display activity for each day of the month .. THANKS!
  6. Same thing for me :unsure: : Upload Error 503 on forum Mysql error log in ACP IP.Board Message IPB 3.1.4 How can i fix this? Thanks in advance!
  7. Almost a month passed and still no answer. :(
  8. Hi DawPi, We purchased Adverts in Topic 2.0.3 couple of months ago and installed on our IPB 3.1.4 forum. We want to insert some javascript ads inside the app. How/where we can insert the javascript so we can have the ads running inside the topics? I tried to insert the javascript code inside Manage Advert, under Content Setting (WYSIWYG editor) but the code doesn't run. The application will display it as it is. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thank you for such great products. :thumbsup: This feature is fantastic. Now we can integrate content from IPB into other platforms. I am thinking of using "promote to article" function in IPB to gather posts content and display them into Joomla. Do you think something like this is would be achievable? Can i promote posts straight into a block that can be displayed inside joomla via the javascript code provided?
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