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  1. 2 hours ago, TAMAN said:

    there are many changes in the slider for example you will be able to add any of existing pages blocks as a slider and reorder theme with the custom sliders in the theme


    slider buttons are also removed you will only have a slider title and content field with user permissions 

    i dont remember anything of mobile specific maybe you need to remind me of it! 😅 


    That will be fun to implement,

    you mentioned to me


    theres a new update coming to the themes which has many new functionalities one of them is adding as many sliders as you want in the theme settings which then allows you to add extra sliders or customize them easily like a slider just for mobile



    So for me having custom sliders just for mobile will be great.


    Regardless, look forward to the new update we appreciate your constant improvements

    thank you

  2. 18 hours ago, TAMAN said:

    no its not

    the recent update was for ips 4.6.x support 

    Alright, well I look forward to the new update with its features.

    I remember you mentioned something about slider specific settings for mobile.

    Keep up the good work.


  3. 15 hours ago, TAMAN said:

    this theme was updated recently to support latest ips version. only a bit of code in globalTemplate was required to change tho

    if you have any issues with the theme please let me know 🙂 



    You mentioned a big update for this theme, is that included in the latest version or another to come ?

  4. Hi,

    Is it possible to add a Slider Image only for mobile viewing different to the Desktop/laptop.

    As currently I have the Slider Height set to custom, and when its on custom the slider image is not shown on the mobile.

    It is only when I set the Slider Height to Full Screen does the Slider Image appear on the Mobile Browsing.

    However, I am finding it hard to have 1 image that is suitable for both desktop and mobile viewing, so if its possibly to add a separate Slider image for mobile that will be great. As then, I can set a separate image that is better for Portrait mobile browsing and also a different wider image for the desktop/laptop.



  5. How to allow moderators edit the user without having access to ACP? Thanks

    Yes I'm too having this problem
    I have recently updated the board and replace enhance member edit (31) with (33) and Now my super-mods can no longer edit user profiles even with full edit rights I don't want to give them ACP access.

    A list of permissions used to get it working would be nice to have as a compare chart.

    It works on the admin account just not for my super-mods unless I give them ACP access
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