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  1. No Problem. The least I can do.
    There sure seems to be lots of new features in the latest version of IP

  2. Thanks for adding me :)

  3. PS I just noticed that the links here open in same window not new, Can this be changed in 3.1 in the admin panel? It would be a huge problem for us on the sites if we couldn't change it? Thanks
  4. Many Thanks I'll check that out now and let you know how we go.
  5. Hi gang I/we look after a few sites apart from own http://xtremecarzone.com.au/ The sites we look after use XMB software http://www.xmbforum.com/ It's a basic neat little package but it certainly has it's limitations A few of our customers have asked if we could upgrade to something with a little more grunt. I have shown them my site and they like what Invision offers, and so do we especially as far as tech support goes. So my question is, if any body knows, can the data base of the XMB sites be safely moved over to an Invision package without any loss of data? I think we all know what forum users are like when they loose their data. LOL!! If it can be done there could be a few that we would move over to Invision software. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated Many Thanks