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  1. (DP34) Referrals System

    i will be more than happy to help also
  2. Download: Shoutbox

    ok well that didn't work. do you have any other suggestions?
  3. Download: Shoutbox

    i have tried. i am willing to send you a donation to help me out ;)
  4. Download: Shoutbox

    i am having issues with my shoutbox. It was working just fine until yesterday i had some complaints about it not letting people post. I re-installed everything and still get the same problem. You type shout and hit enter, it acts like it sends it but it don't show up, then if you try and shout again it say "shout already being submitted, please wait until loading is complete." i have tried everything i know but can't figure it out for the life of me. I would appreciate some help if possible. thanks http://gyazo.com/c011f7d69fa02bbc08e9cb49ea96e4ce http://gyazo.com/836d77bee9e1cefa10d7f0cd59a462c7 http://potimusmodz.com/