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  1. Trying to edit IP.Content articles from front page, but for some reason can't.

    Edit on articles only works from ACP side.

    please help

    Writen reply from IPS


    What is the error being shown? It's possible your skin is out of date.

    Admin CP > Look and Feel > Manage Skin Sets and Templates > Your Skin > (Content) Global > recordForm. Is that customized? If so, I advise contacting the author of the skin for an updated version OR reverting that template.


    Ryan Ashbrook
    Tier II Technical Support
    Invision Power Services, Inc.

  2. Wow, I knew you can do it^ but such a propt work was surprising :smile: Thank you

    How does it work ? It not appearing in all topics i guess Russian encodding problem ?

    Also, Is this ips similar topic hook ? Not sure where it came from while ago. How I can get rid of it once your hook will work ?


  3. I will assume you speak of 'sticking' the under first post option to the top of the screen when rolled past(correct me if wrong)?

    Yes that is exacly what I was talking about. Sorry for my poor English

    Please see example here


    Just scrol the page to the bottom

    I know it requires CSS changes as default ipbstylescss will cause conflict with other board skins and

    I did that on my site with IP.Content as test but don't have enogh time and knowelege to finish what I want )

    ok ready to spent 30$ :)

  4. Is anybody else have this issue:


    System not showing how many likes was given. Any good advices how to fix it?

    Thank you

    Try to turn off third party hooks. I don't have that bug with this hook


    или рекеш скинов сделать
  5. For correct work with Russian comments

    open Look & Feel > Manage Skin Sets & Templates > Yourskin

    Template skin_sd32ReputationReason > sd32ReputationAjaxActionOverloader


    new Ajax.Request( rep.sendUrl + '&rating=' + value + '&rep_msg=' + $(id + '_msg').getValue().encodeParam(),

    Change to

    new Ajax.Request( rep.sendUrl + '&rating=' + value + '&rep_msg=' + encodeURIComponent($(id + '_msg').getValue()),

  6. Probably is problem with read topic title. I use normal [code]array(

    Thank you for reply.

    Topic title may affect to comment proper displaying ?

    I'll take a look later

    No, something different. That also gives same problem on any other non english comments
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