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  1. i would like to offer my forum home page to have tabs at the top so people can switch between the different forum categories
  2. Bug: Can not rate videos from mobile
  3. the number 1. just looks bad i can't find out how to remove it either
  4. yes it does support videos thanks!
  5. one file names from the gallery break out.. l
  6. the videos are too big on iMac safari
  7. it looks like it will work but the videos dont move
  8. Yeah about that, if i select "Plug In" and then "feed from intel" ... The page just hangs and never loads and i have to close my browser
  9. BUGS Can't move more than one video at a time Video size (on auto) seems to be a bit larger than you would think it should be Sometimes categories will duplicate themselves on creation Start a topic still shows when adding a video even if the feature is turned off REQUESTS Make category list a block so we can move it or at least add the option to move it from the side bar to the top of the videos "Quick Add" should be an option inside the categories and not just when adding a new video from the home screen Here are some examples of different "Media Import" URL's...
    Very well done, works nearly flawless. My video gallery is located here https://www.mymilitia.com/videos/
  10. is there a database records recent comments block? i cant find it
  11. add to this if you want the custom block to show for everyone but admin you have to make it viewable to admin then put it in place then go back in and hide it from admin this is silly
  12. If i choose to show a block to "members" but not to "staff" i shouldn't have to remove "member" as a user group from the staff member The permissions are TOO SMART it needs to be show to: Staff Members Guests and you just tick who you want it to show to the way you guys have the permissions set as a hierarchy is almost useless when we are trying to hide some content from certain groups
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