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  1. how can i lock my site to where it will only allow one member per ip address? i have an awol member but they share ip with good member
    Great work as usual exactly what i needed thank you
  2. need a page where members can remove themselves should have options for temporary or permanent options for remove content too then their posts stay but the author changes to non-member
  3. when you join the site you should have a suggested friends on your profile based on their proximity to you
  4. Would be nice to show full-size image on scroll over how about the ability to react to images without having to go to the gallery? Uploading new images needs to be easier maybe add upload to recent images block?
  5. install it now!, customize the message with a link to your introduction forum and anything else you want to point them too.Send from your account!My New Member Activity increased dramatically, and it opened up a direct line of communication to me.Hands down the best change i ever made
  6. But this don't work it wont resize on profile why? .nbSecGroupIconsPost,.cAuthorGroupIcon,.nbSecGroupIconsProfile { display: inline; height: 30px; width: 30px; }
  7. also have a little white box on my mac book , no white box on iphone x
  8. my join date is blank ... most likely because the site was converted from xenforo?
  9. @Martin A. did you add auto GeoIp user pins? i do not know how to use the github site
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