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  1. would be nice if search was in a block so we can put where we want
  2. Yeah i have hardened military veterans and far right wing people using it on my site. When something is superior they recognize that. Looks like there is no convincing someone who mentioned cometchat as an option.
  3. 1. IPS is the company name IC is the software 2. The shout box now has a + edition 3. Anyone who really wanted a chat box has already moved to Discord integration
  4. Can you add an option to set a users join date please
  5. Can we not smarten up the notifications some , if i get a notification that someone quoted me and i go and look at the quote the notification should go away. Why do i have to click on notification to see what i already know?
  6. Im on board with what ever you want , Hope that the Devs see your work and implement into the core, some of the stuff you do should already be in the software 🙂
  7. The pages should include page views rather publicly or in admin cp
  8. Would be nice if club owners could set view permission for the pages
  9. i used your club pages app to do it
  10. pages should include a hit counter so we know what pages are being viewed the most
  11. sent pm, plz respond

  12. Would like a way for club leaders to create application forms and manage them
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