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  1. fix3r

    Who Was Online

    can you please center the content in the block ?
  2. fix3r

    TDB Posts (41x)

    make sure your on a page that supports that block being added
  3. please allow us to set clubs map default zoom and coordinates
  4. fix3r

    (DP43) Grid View per Forums

    no show background images
  5. fix3r

    (DP43) Grid View per Forums

    how can i do this?
  6. I want different color tabs to place emphasis on items that are more important
  7. fix3r

    (DP43) Grid View per Forums

    installed and using thank you
  8. fix3r

    TDB Posts (41x)

    Very Nice thank you if i had to make a request for future versions restyle it like the OG version
  9. fix3r

    TDB Posts (41x)

    cant get this to work unless its on side bar
  10. fix3r

    Clubs Forums on Forums Index

    This quit working , i cannot get it to display
  11. I want to be able to allow the members to ignore forums they dont care about so the content does not clutter their feeds
  12. fix3r

    Alert Dismissal

    If i have an alert for a reaction and i visit the thread and see the post, the alert should dismiss, i should not have to click on the alert and go back in the thread again to get it to go away ... I WAS JUST THERE