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  1. fix3r

    Links Directory

    thanks switched to miniture.io and its much more better
  2. fix3r

    Auto Welcome

    i highly recommend this app , new user engaugement has increased exponentially! my site will not run without this turned on 🙂 take your time to make the welcome message unique , like link them to an introduction forum etc you will be surprised in the effectiveness
  3. fix3r

    override bulk email opt out

    “choice” and you have “receive” twice
  4. fix3r

    Links Directory

    Yes Sir something is making it change i have proper photo uploaded at thumb shots see....
  5. fix3r

    Links Directory

    Im using Thumbshots paid plan , and not saving the images locally they require for default image there is mine but on the site is all jacked up.. https://www.forumregister.com
  6. This should be default IPS i will purchase soon
  7. I am looking for confirmation on retaining of SSL integrity when non-SSL sites are linked to
  8. with other forum softwares there is the ability to override users bulk email setting and sent to them anyway
  9. currently takes 11 clicks to upload a photo to the gallery on an iphone
  10. too many button clicks to upload photo to gallery please made it easier with quick image upload, maybe add to the latest image block
  11. fix3r

    What we need to move forward

    I have created the ultimate forum directory for everyone to add your sites too... https://www.forumregister.com here is a how to
  12. fix3r

    Links Directory

    This is one of the best addons for IPS , its so good i have built a site with the directory as the home page .. https://www.forumregister.com - Online Community Directory It would not have been possible without help from this developer , thank you!
  13. fix3r

    Links Directory

    sorry to bother you again , is there anyway i can resubmit a link i deleted ?
  14. fix3r

    Links Directory

    Ok thanks for considering and trying to help
  15. fix3r

    Links Directory

    For 2 hours i have checked and double checked every guest permission , on the categories , on the group settings on the apps everything , i cannot see what is blocking them from being able to submit a link , they can make posts just fine