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  1. Here is my Map - https://www.mymilitia.com/membermap/ 😎
  2. SUGGESTION: When using setting ... Group member markers by member group? Pins should use User Group Markup
  3. i only want to show this on my home page (not forum index) https://www.mymilitia.com how can i make it only show on this page? never mind i figured it out
  4. when a users posts a URL as a profile post it breaks out of the sidebar
  5. I edited my file /mymilitia.com/applications/membermap/extensions/core/FrontNavigation/membermap.php still have white pages I don't have a develop folder
  6. new map update makes all my sites page load as white pages
  7. Maybe you should add something to the members map feed? May I suggest..... $member has added a pin to the map. Maybe better than $member $member in Members Demo of the Feed Page - https://www.mymilitia.com/feed/
  8. about the embedded videos you removed them so now it shows a huge blank spot on the feed. you could have at-least kept the url. the stream page as a whole is a disappointment to me. as for the chatbox, one option you give us is to include chats in the feed, chats from what? chats from the chatbox+ do not show the ability to react to a profile post is there but does not show for normal posts the amount of time it took me to request support is irrelevant (someone reporting my problem in april with no response) it’s the fact i dropped $45 for something that most definitely does not do what you say it does, tbh i would rather a refund then a repair but here we are you can thank @Joel R for the $ because without his recommendation i would have never invested in this product 3 stars was generous now I know why there are no screen shots or demos and no link to the file Thanks anyway for trying to fix it
  9. you get this figured out same issue here
  10. app quit working , disabled awaiting support
  11. i have left a subpar review for this item, do not recommend
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