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  1. fix3r

    Clubs Forums on Forums Index

    This quit working , i cannot get it to display
  2. I want to be able to allow the members to ignore forums they dont care about so the content does not clutter their feeds
  3. fix3r

    Alert Dismissal

    If i have an alert for a reaction and i visit the thread and see the post, the alert should dismiss, i should not have to click on the alert and go back in the thread again to get it to go away ... I WAS JUST THERE
  4. fix3r

    Links Directory

    hello , when using custom icons the padding on the right is too close on mobile phones, looks great on computer, just too close on phones
  5. can a staff member please move this thread to custom development area?
  6. I only want this to show on forum index , how do i do that?
  7. fix3r

    Database Category Icons

    its an addon in the marketplace
  8. fix3r

    patch notes?

    im on beta 2 and have no idea whats different from beta 1 or even what beta 1 is is there some place i can read patch notes?
  9. fix3r

    Links Directory

    thanks switched to miniture.io and its much more better
  10. fix3r

    Auto Welcome

    i highly recommend this app , new user engaugement has increased exponentially! my site will not run without this turned on 🙂 take your time to make the welcome message unique , like link them to an introduction forum etc you will be surprised in the effectiveness
  11. fix3r

    override bulk email opt out

    “choice” and you have “receive” twice
  12. fix3r

    Links Directory

    Yes Sir something is making it change i have proper photo uploaded at thumb shots see....
  13. fix3r

    Links Directory

    Im using Thumbshots paid plan , and not saving the images locally they require for default image there is mine but on the site is all jacked up.. https://www.forumregister.com
  14. This should be default IPS i will purchase soon
  15. I am looking for confirmation on retaining of SSL integrity when non-SSL sites are linked to