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  1. Can we have a way to see all the addons we have purchased or downloaded?
  2. I want to post written messages from editor
  3. Was hoping this would work with Members Location addon - But for some reason, the member's map does not recognize the location field from that addon and vice versa
  4. when i click to add another profile field it just takes me to the top of the page and wont let me pick another field
  5. we just decided to use discord
  6. i have over 100 webhooks now and it is going strong NICE WORK!
  7. got it figured out they were going into the wrong channel
  8. webhooks seem to only push to the main discord channel even though I have subchannel selected
  9. please add the club content to the list of RSS feeds we can create
  10. Can you please add club content under content type
  11. https://www.mymilitia.com/vault/chat.pdf
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