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  1. If you have this app make sure you update! the MassSync cron task would not run and backed my entire site up! The Developer should make a statement on this
  2. i will buy this if it is supported, the reviews and comments are not too convincing
  3. i would like for you to add club search by location thanks
  4. i have 2 users that say they keep getting logged out even with the rocket loader off i use memcache and recently locked down the ports on it maybe that is the issue?
  5. i have this turned off but it still tries to add these items anyway and makes chatrooms you cant use
  6. im trying to add a mark forums read link to the menu but it wont work it goes to a mis-match error page if there an easy way to add this?
  7. I figured this out anyway...https://www.mymilitia.com/intel/
  8. how to change the color of the icons?
  9. this does not work ... i contacted @onlyME he asked me to come here
  10. as per my support ticket Rocket Loader causes issues with Invision Community, As for this thread it was a suggestion to allow us to force remember me as a work around to the log in handler not working correctly with Rocket Loader
  11. [SUGGESTION] I would like to add this to my index, i use the pages application. Can you make this a Block or give me the code to make it display please
  12. can someone tell me what the code is to hide elements from certain user groups? I wish to hide my ads i have hard coded in global template from group id=4,10, 6, 11,7
  13. it was the "remember me" it has to be checked on CDN
  14. Please note that Remember Me on log in has to be checked to use a CDN. can you give me an option to check it by default or force it to be on with no option?
  15. something with cloudflare is logging people out its not the rocket loader
  16. can you add a delete all to the private messages in the admin cp on the user pages
  17. Anyone figure out a way to use the Rocket Loader without issues?
  18. @Adriano Faria had an interesting situation come up today sir, A user added a link to his website in his club, then went to add a link to his website in the main site links directory and it is seeing it as a duplicate. Can you please remove "club links" from the duplication prevention method
  19. how can i set the size of the Club Icon on posts panel?
    I have spend hundreds on themes for invision and have always wanted more.... i think i found it here very happy with everything nice work!!
  20. been searching for 3 hours can't find it where is the permissions for viewing the members online block?
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