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  1. (BIM34) Hide link and code

    how to hide links to image img
  2. Download: (inv) Awards

    and showed how to do this in your signature
  3. Download: (inv) Awards

    or you can set that showed the signature
  4. Contact Form

    So department / Subforum should be for all to read? For as it is only for me it does not work?
  5. Contact Form

    How do I set to zero then pops : NO_START_PERM And as I write this ID number all the time then this number is the author
  6. Contact Form

    Let's say I set No. 3 and the user Adriano is No. 3. So there I set as ID 3 in contacto will always suitable Adriano
  7. Contact Form

    Member ID of PM sender or topic starter how can I set the user ID then it works, but shows the whole time the same user with the ID
  8. Contact Form

    i'm getting : NO_START_PERM error
  9. Download: Modern Skin

    Please help ..With me in writing a new theme pops black image " alt="" class="ipsImage" width="1000" height="716"> browser Mozilla Firefox
  10. Download: Modern Skin

    if it works on version 3.1.4