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  1. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: Editor improvements

    Will this editor be available in IP.Content?
  2. Oy. What a pain. Has any info been released as to what we can expect? I'd like to get rolling now if possible.
  3. I'm pretty excited about all the new stuff in IP.board 3.2. However, I read [url=" blog post a few months ago, and would like more information. Specifically, the post said: Is there any more specific info on this? I have a custom skin for my IP.board forums. It's mostly just custom colors with no layout or functionality changes. (IP.Content, however, is heavily custom-written) Thanks! Jason [*]Will I have to re-do my custom skin for IP.board? [*]Will these changes in IP.Board 3.2 affect my IP.Content skin? [*]How do I determine if my skin will be crushed by an upgrade?
  4. Great information! Thank you very much. I found this thread at the perfect time. For my new IP.B installation (a large one) I've already done memcache. But how do I verify it's working? (Seems ok???) I'll setup Sphinx next. Could you please direct me to some instructions on how to move the sessions table to memory? Thanks again