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  1. (GS34) Minecraft Live Maps

    Hi green, Having issues with this displaying correctly. It's thrown all the maps together instead of tabbed. Take a look: http://www.otegamers.com/maps/
  2. Minecraft Server Status

    Hi Shyest, This hook uses the Pheonix API, its probably the API not working with the 1.7.x query. As long as your query ports are enabled and firewall open, check directly with the API and get in contact with the API Author if it doesn't work. Also, the current 1.7 version of Spigot has query issues. Parsix, MCPE server uses the same query as normal minecraft. Enable query in the server.properties and set the query port to the same as the join port. There shouldn't be any reason that Pheonix API won't work with MCPE. Take a look here: https://github.com/PocketMine/PocketMine-MP/wiki/server-properties For anyone that can't retrieve player images, make sure that the Query port is the same as the join port (Minecraft default is 25565). And make sure that port forwarding (UDP for query and TCP for join) is setup.
  3. Minecraft Server Status

    Any update here Adriano?
  4. Minecraft Server Status

    Hi Adriano, Just a small feature request, If nobody is online, don't attempt to retrieve an avatar image. Otherwise we end up with this: Also, is it possible to have a setting for cache time. Append URL with &reset=n where n is seconds between pinging the server. Example: http://api.iamphoenix.me/list/?server_ip=minecraft.otegamers.com&reset=60
  5. [DR] Live Streams

    ALTER TABLE ibf_sod_lstreams ADD logo VARCHAR(255); Seemed to do the trick :) thanks for the pointer. Have it almost looking exactly how it was.
  6. [DR] Live Streams

    I've only checked in update.php so far to try and retrieve the info
  7. [DR] Live Streams

    Heya Dylan, Glad to see how far this has all come since the beginning! I'm currently updating all the template bits to fit in how I had it on Content but the task doesn't seem to be as easy to edit anymore. I'm trying to retrieve the channel logo and putting 'logo' => $stream['channel']['logo'], Assuming more needs to be done? (Just had a thought that SQL might need an update for the field?)
  8. [HQ] Awards

    Will it be on your to-do list anytime soon? I asked for this feature from JLogica and didn't even get a reply :(
  9. [DR] Live Streams

    Good Job Mate! I told ya so! :tongue:
  10. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    Hi pete, I'm not sure which tables to drop so the board doesn't think the app is still installed.
  11. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    Hi Pete, I uninstalled the shoutbox about a year ago and decided to come back to it. It mustn't have uninstalled properly as the ACP wants me to upgrade. It errors as soon as the upgrade process starts as certain tables don't exist. Are there just a couple of tables I can drop in SQL so I can do a clean installation? ACP is inaccessible at the moment :(
  12. This should work, place gamespot.ico into public/style_extra/bbcode_icons. You can get the ID if you click 'embed' on the video and select BBCode. A little gamespot icon will show up on the editor for you. GameSpot Video - BBCode.zip
  13. Hey mate, So I've taken a look into this and here's what I found: http://www.gamespot.com/call-of-duty-ghosts/videos/call-of-duty-ghosts-masked-warriors-teaser-trailer-6407810/?tag=Topslot;Slot2 No problems all fixed, i've updated the download and URL's with tags will now work. http://www.gamespot.com/far-cry-3-blood-dragon/reviews/far-cry-3-blood-dragon-review-6407627/?tag=Topslot;Slot6 This URL is problematic, it is giving us video ID 6407627 but the ID we need is 6407709. 6407627 is actually the review ID and not the video ID, it's impossible to pull the video ID if it doesn't exist in the URL :( You can get around this by clicking the link below the video which will take you to the video and give you a good URL http://www.gamespot.com/shows/now-playing/?event=grid-2-single-player-20130501&tag=Topslot;Slot5 This URL is problematic too. For the same as the above, the now playing ID is 20130501 where the video ID is 6407797. Unfortunately I cant fix those with a media tag. If your using GameSpot on your site a lot, I can give you a BBCODE replacement you can use instead. Using the format: [GameSpot]VideoID[/GameSpot] You can post any GameSpot video as long as you can get the ID
  14. Hmm I made it optional in the regex so it should have still worked without it. I'll take another look at that though.
  15. Haha they don't make it easy for me do they. I should be able to get that sorted for you tomorrow (2am here in aus).