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  1. ProMenu Basic

    Can somebody please explain how to setup the mega menu. Whatever I try and do, I cannot get anything to show - well I do, but just in a long list - the html block seems to do nothing. --------------------------------------------- Also - is it possible to set up a menu like on http://www.amazon.com on their home page -> shop by department. i.e. the flyout is the same height as the dropdown. On longer menus and flyouts from lower menu items go off the screen, so it would be good to be able to either have them at the top - or perhaps even better to be able to set the offset on a per menu item, that way it could be adjustable - or maybe both :) I just rather like the Amazon style and it would be great to be able to display something similar.
  2. ProMenu Basic

    Hi, What is the state of this for the iPad? Will it work fine? Thanks.
  3. Cookie Popup

    not so keen on the big pop up lol perhaps it could be a bar that appears at the top of the page?
  4. IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: Selling Domains

    These are the providers supported by whmcs - certainly the top 4 will attract professional domain registrars to Nexus. Enom ResellerClub/DirectI Nominet OpenSRS ResellOne OnlineNIC LogicBoxes PlanetDomain DistributeIT TPPInternet RegisterFly StarGate NameCheap NetEarthOne 12Register HexoNet RealtimeRegister IPMirror RRPProxy DotDNS WebNIC InternetBS NetRegistry TransIP DotTK Affordable Domains Bizcn
  5. New License Structure

    indeed - and nobody is suggesting not buying more licences :)
  6. New License Structure

    This would be wonderful if possible :)
  7. Sign in through Google

    Most sites are now email verification - to say that if someone get's hold of their gmail is very weak. The same would be true of hotmail or even gmail or even fredsmith.com email address using the regular email login. So not to include it for this app is daft and pointless.
  8. Queued Items

    No problem, just letting you know :)
  9. Queued Items

    The two url's are different. The /page__modfilter__unapproved will only show the topics with unapproved posts in them, whereas the /page__modfilter__all in the old method and will show all the topics in the forum including the ones with unapproved posts, in the order that they normally appear in. Therefore topics requiring posts to be approved could be on any page.
  10. Queued Items

    Mine is going to /page__modfilter__all - am using 1.2.1 which I think is the latest.
  11. Queued Items

    Could the link go to /page__modfilter__unapproved instead as now on 3.3.x the unapproved topics will not show if they are not on page one. Thanks.
  12. ProMenu Basic

    The app works fine - just wait for support if it will not install on your setup. It installs for everyone else, so either you have an odd setup, or you have not uploaded the files correctly.
  13. Sign in through Google

    At the end of the day, it is your responsibilty to test every impelemtation for your own security levels. You can not blame Facebook, Twitter, Google etc., if your level is set higher than theirs, and you certainly cannot blame Marcher. Only enable those login methods that you are comfortable with. However I bet you tick the box 'remember me' on sites? if you do then your set can be used to log into locations without your knowledge if you let anyone near your set. In the same way if you leave your front door on the latch, it does not mean that the locking mechanism is poorly designed it just means that you are using it to your benefit to ease your entry and exit at certain times of the day.
  14. I would disagree. I use a vBulletin forum, which will only send me an update to a topic again if I visit the site - it is very annoying. I subscribe to a topic, because I want to be told about all the updates - not only one which if I forget to visit the board for a short while serves no purpose to man nor beast. IPS do provide and alternative for those who are probably in the minority and only want one update, but I am glad that they tell me about all replies. I would actually say that sending one update to a topic is less likely to brig people back to a topic than all replies, as the first reply migt be a simple 'thanks', whereas the reply after that might be constructive or controversial and would prompt someone watching to return and join in the conversation.
  15. Download: ProMenu Basic

    Fusion is all but dead, so forget that. IP.Content is I believe a simple drop down, but also allows for extra items on the main bar - if you have IP.Content you could use this. Of course what I would do is to have IP.Content for all the pages and database etc., and then use ProMenu to let your users navigate to the various sections. No other logical option to be honest. If Promenu were to suddenly vanish, which could always happen (although highly unlikely) then you can then fall back to IP.Content.