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    PPlanet reacted to Matt in GDPR updates for Invision Community 4.3.3   
    Something to consider for a future release. You should be able to hook into it. 
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    PPlanet reacted to TSP in GDPR updates for Invision Community 4.3.3   
    @Matt @Christopher Anderson Well, it's pseudonymized at least. We personally take this road, so it will be useful to me if IPS would provide the option to let us input our own value to give as the new attribution. You can argue people can comb through all of the quoted content in others members posts and get the information that way anyway, or you could argue that an advanced AI in the future could be able to figure out which users are different anyway based on writing style alone.
    I see no need to make it harder for people to understand how the flow of a previous conversation has been (if you choose not to delete the content in the first place), it only makes things confusing. 
    There are 4 potential options here: 
    Continue to attribute to Name (currently in this update) Attribute to "Guest" only (currently in this update) Attribute to the given name <Admin inputs new name> Pseudonymize: The software generates a md5-hash based on some values there and then that does not retrieve any member data, just something like a timestamp + some other value and then gives that name to all content from that account before it's deleted. @Matt Will I be able to hook into it at least? 
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    PPlanet reacted to TSP in GDPR updates for Invision Community 4.3.3   
    @Matt On deletion of members: 
    Could there be an option to define the name to attribute to on that page directly? So we could input for example "Member 3312" (where 3312 would be their memberId). This will keep the discussion still somewhat reader friendly, so it would still be possible to differentiate different accounts as having written in the discussion, for readers reading old content. 
    Alternatively let the Anonymize attribution do a md5 hash on the (memberId+some community specific value that is unlikely to be changed) and grab the first 8 letters or something. 
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    PPlanet reacted to media in 4.3: Usability improvements to make your day better   
    I brought this up multiple times before but nothing happened...
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    PPlanet got a reaction from media in 4.3: Usability improvements to make your day better   
    It sounds good but I hope there's more coming, particularly for the ACP. Things like an option to exclude forums from streams is badly needed by some. (When you have hundreds, you just can't go clicking one by one to include all bar just a few you wish to exclude). Cheers.
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    PPlanet reacted to Adriano Faria in 4.3: Scaleable search and interface improvements   
    Should I ask about EXTRA FIELDS (Downloads, 3rd-party, etc), or there will be other post about this later?
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    PPlanet reacted to Daniel5555 in 6 reasons why you shouldn't just settle for a Facebook group community   
    The main reason to not use Facebook/Twitter/Google+ is to fight against centralization of Internet, which hurts freedom of speech. Privacy issues and data ownership are other extremely important reasons.
    I'm really glad that we have IPS as an alternative community building tool. I also hope that IPS will eventually have built-in functionality to interact with Diaspora and Mastodon (decentralized alternatives to Facebook and Twitter).
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    PPlanet reacted to 13. in Highlighting staff posts to improve communication   
    I don't like current behaviour of highlighting because it works for every posts, does not matter if this post important or not (i.e. "official staff answer" or "staff member's comment on kittens photo"). I'd prefer to have an option below editor. Posted this also as suggestion in feedback and ideas section. Please support(reaction/comment - any activity) this topic if you need it too.

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    PPlanet reacted to Charles in Invision Community 4.3 Coming Soon   
    We have been working on that: https://invisioncommunity.com/search/?&q=B-210
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    PPlanet reacted to KentT in Invision Community 4.3 Coming Soon   
    PLEASE fix Search as promised. I have members now mobilized to upload thousands of PDF files to our Downloads section. But, if we can't search and find them by the short model numbers of the equipment involved (B-210, 3314, etc.) then they are of limited value.
    Finish up the new social promotion by allowing us to Promote to a FB Group instead of just a FB page. Finally, make the FB Share reliably pull an image from the body of a Topic being shared. It works fine in some parts of the suite, but not in the forums.
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