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    This product is simply outstanding. It truly offers a "community inside a community" experience. The amount of control it gives and features it offers are just too many to outline. Just so you know: each collab has its own roles and permissions system!... It is great... however DO NOT buy it. Unfortunately the author is no longer offering support, and the app will not be updated. It "may" get updated by a third-party developer; or you can get "your hands dirty" in trying to make it work for the latest version (which is fairly easy to do). But do not expect much from it. It's quite sa
  1. @Paul E. thank you! it works. I apologize, I wouldn't have thought that inGroup was different than member_group_id but I should've tested first. There's also another comment that specifies that it checks for secondary groups too.
  2. Hello, I found this guide: However it seems to work only with members of the primary group. But what about secondary group? How could I achieve that? Regards
  3. Hi there, I'd like to understand a bit better how it works. When a record is added to the Database through a Club, it is then is it visible for all clubs with access to the same Database/Category, and Pages displaying the same Database? Or each record added by the club is "isolated" and accesible through the Club page. Also, related to the same concern: what happens to the Database entries when the Club requires users to join to display the contents? Kind regards.
  4. Hello, I wonder if it's possible to cross-post a submitted form as a Pages database entry? Also, the CSV download button would download all entries of the form, or only visible ones in the current page? Thank you and kind regards.
  5. Hello there, I can't find the option "Enable Star Ratings" in the database settings. Also, the votes casted don't seem to be working. Nothing happens once you click on it — once you reload the page, the counter is reset. Any advise? Kind regards. edit: I just realized that the "Enable Star Ratings" only appears when Use Categories is disabled. But I do need categories... It isn't specified anywhere that it isn't compatible with Categories..
  6. Hello there, I have v4.5 installed, and the "Clubs on Hovercard Profile" display option doesn't work. (It does work fine on forum posts, though) Any advise?
  7. As some others I also wonder if Stratagem (the project management tool) will be available for 4.5?
  8. DanielFb

    Radical Tags

    is not displaying at all 😔 only the widget box and the title. But if it works for you, it may be conflicting with another plugin or maybe there's something wrong with my plugin files. I'd reinstall it but the new marketplace thing won't let me re-install 😅, and I don't want to lose my settings if I uninstall the plugin... Hmm 🤔
  9. DanielFb

    Radical Tags

    Hi there, Currently "tag cloud" doesn't work in 4.5. I wonder if this is a known issue you're fixing for the newer version? Kind regards!
  10. Awesome! @newbie LAC thank you.
  11. Hello, Do you plan to update the compatibility to 4.5? Kind regards
  12. Hi there, I see it is compatible with Clubs. But how does the integration work? Does it mean that a Project Management option appears inside individual Clubs for members to manage their own projects? Regards.
    The plugin works as expected and offers what the description says ... I'm not sure why it received 1 star. Seeing the support thread the issues a customer had seem to be related to a third-party plugin.
  13. I want to test some marketplace plugins with the beta. I wonder if there is any way to force them to work to try them out?
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